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    I just added a video to the first post of the version that isn't even uploaded. You can see what I have done there for the next update tomorrow.

    Feel free to download the map and say what you miss! Every piece of feedback will be great!


      Another update has come on. I hate when I forget about something. This is a small update, yet changes the gameplay a bit since the last version. Here is the list of changes:
      * - Changed
      + - Added}

      + Added blocking volumes under every stair
      + Meshing of the small Bio-Rifle cube, now it is harder to kill someone who is staying there using a Flak Cannon
      + A PostProcess volume which makes the map feel better
      + Meshing of the wall between the 2 main big rooms
      ...+ 2 windows on left and right side on the wall
      ...+ Girders filling the other space, allowing to be shot through
      + Major skybox upgrade
      * Bots now throw off the cliff much rarer than before
      * Bots now use Hammer wall dodge to get to the invisibility (yeah, WTF)
      * Minor improvement to bots' AI

      The download link in the first post will download the newest version of the map.


        I'll do this really short. I got some good news and some bad news.

        Bad news is, there will be no update this week.

        Good news is, I have been working on the low-poly version, so it can be released soon.

        Hope I was short enough. icis4, we're done here.