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    [PC][Beta] DM-AlleriaStation

    Name: Alleria Station
    Version: Beta, 0.4.3
    Does not require any mods or patches for use
    Description: After the original station was blew into space, it remained mostly ready to be used by tournament competitors again. However, it got enhanced with a few tweaks to support the newer versions of the tournaments and is available for free and competitive practice.
    Comments: The map is originally inspired from the Mastering Unreal Technology books, where I still did not have enough fast computer after my better one broke to use UT3 for the book. However, it still worked and the map succeeded. This IS NOT a perfect copy of the map from before because UT3 has different powerups and style. The map is in beta, so bugs are possible. A few physics objects are added for realism.
    Credits go to Jason Busby, Zak Parrish and Jeff Wilson for creating the book that taught me everything about Unreal Engine.

    Map will be updated every Monday, as soon as I remember to do it.

    Here is the list of things from the progress:
    #-To be added/created
    %-Particularly Done

    Basic/Alpha Setup:
    ...$ BSP Basics
    ...$ Powerup Placement
    ...$ Basic Bot Setup
    Mid/Beta Setup:
    ...% Meshing
    ......$ Shock/Armor Vest Corridor
    ......$ Shield Belt Room
    ......$ Jump Boots
    ......% Big Cube Room (Main Battlefield 1)
    ......% Big Cylinder Room (Main Battlefield 2)
    ......% Flak/Super Health Corridor
    ......% Redeemer/Rocket Launcher Room
    ......% Stinger/Sniper/Invisibility Room/Top
    ......$ Skybox
    ...# Advanced Light Decoration
    ......# Adding Meshes that look similar to lights
    ...# Advanced Bot Navigation
    ...$ Map Music
    Final/Pre-Release Setup:
    ...# Remove Every BSP
    ...# Advanced Decoration
    ...# Blocking Unwanted Holes
    ...# Volume Brush Zones
    ...# Final Tests
    ...# PS3 Support



    Flak/Super Health Corridor:

    Items: Super Health, Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher Ammo and Shock Rifle Ammo

    Jump Boots:

    Items: Jump Boots, Bunch of Health Vials, Link Gun, Flak Cannon Ammo and Bio Rifle Ammo, Directly Connected to Cube Room

    Berserk Mini-Room:

    Items: Berserk, Almost Direct Connectivity to Cube Room

    Shield (Particularly) Hidden Room:

    Items: Shield Belt

    Redeemer Room View 1:

    Items: 2 Health Packs, Far Stinger and Invisibility

    Redeemer Room View 2:

    Items: Redeemer, Rocket Launcher, Stinger Ammo and Bio Rifle Ammo

    Shock Rifle Corridor:

    Items: Shock Rifle, Thigh Pads, Link Gun Ammo and Stinger Ammo

    Main Cylinder Room:

    Items: Bio Rifle, 2 Health Packs, Health Vial, Rocket Launcher Ammo and Shock Rifle Ammo, on the right is the Main Cube Room

    Invisibility/Sniper Top and Main Cube Room:

    Items: Invisibility, Shaped Charge, Sniper Rifle, 2x Sniper Ammo

    Download link here!

    For the ones that do not know where to install(I barely think there are any):
    Go to the following location: (My) Documents/My Games/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Published/CookedPC/CustomMaps and put the .ut3 file there.
    Note: If you cannot find this location, create the folders you need

    Thanks downloading


      Played it for a couple of match (DM/TDM)

      The map feels really big even though there's not a lot of floor surface, there's too much corridors and not enough rooms which feel empty. Most of the weapons/pickups are in deadends or corridors, which should be avoided in my opinion except for the big items (risk/reward). The Z-axis is much too high and forces you to use long stairs to reach the different floors. I also suggest a lift in the central room to avoid having to travel all around the map to get on the top.

      Also you should at least put some basic materials to better see floors/walls/ceiling.

      There are some awsome tutorials on the web and on youtube, be sure to check them ( has some great ones for example), and you should also take a read of the theory of map flow, it explains lots of common mistakes. Some thing might not be true for ut3 but the basics are still good.

      btw the book is a good read

      Keep on it


        Thanks for the feedback, will be made in the next(first) update on Monday. I try to keep off the materials as I plan to mesh all the map and materials somehow make me think I will lose my time, unless it will be a lower-poly map. However, it is planned to be somehow challenging and some powerups must be there where they are currently, what happens with the Redeemer and the Invisibility, pretty obvious, but require some more surviving or advanced skill to reach. The next update will be mainly gameplay and mesh fixes, however, I might try to put some materials for now. If you open the map in the editor, you will see the skybox, pretty much copied... Not visible yet, will be made after meshing is done. What I mainly try to do now is make the gameplay smooth, as its UT2004 version. Gonna update that version soon and see the feedback... However, it is somehow more interesting in multiplayer, gonna update a gameplay video tomorrow and you will notice the changes, even in the video. It is really fun to watch how after you put the shaped charge everyone spreads in different paths, then recollect to continue what they started. The Redeemer is a good powerup, if you do not get shot while carrying it to the main battlefield. The Invisibility is a pretty dangerous risk, as you might get pushed with the Stinger's alt-fire when doing it. The Berserk and double Enforcers give really big advantage, but people team together to kill you, then continue killing each other. The Sniper position is similar to the invisibility, where the Stinger will get you if you snipe, as your FOV really decreases when sniping. There are still no natural hazards, except fall damage. You will find out that items and weapons you thought are not powerful, will be really useful here. The corridors and small areas provide great advantage for the Shock Combo, and will be noticed for further updates. The map would have been better if there was the old WildCard that was in UT2004... However, it will be all fixed soon and I hope a good map will get out of it. If you are clever enough, you can use the jump boots to reach various precious locations. Also, after some plays, I noticed bots use the jump boots to reach the invisibility, although they have a path only for getting off that platform... As I said in a previous post, apparently bots in UT3 are self-learning... However, thanks for the feedback!

        PS: I have already read both volumes, though I use the things I learn only if I need or if I want to make a machinima... I got in too much last days in other games, I hope I will get back to the map next week.


          Aaaaaand here comes the first update. It does not include more decorating of the map, actually it is mainly gameplay tweaks. Here is the list if things that are done:
          * - Changed
          + - Added
          & - To be made}

          * Low poly girders near the invisibility have been changed to higher-poly meches
          * Shield belt walkway has been changed to a green plate, which you can shoot through, similar to the one in DM-Deimos
          * Berserk powerup has been changed to Armor Vest
          * Thigh Pads have been changed to 4 Health Vials
          * The wall along with a small platform on it has been moved 64 units back so jump pads are more usable
          * The "vent" mesh at the Redeemer was no-collided because it was really hard to reach the Redeemer
          + Extended some path nodes so bots can grab the Invisibility with a few tricks...
          + Added jump pads in the main cylinder room to reach the top easily
          & The doorway between the cylinder and cube room to be connected to the Shock Corridor, allowing more paths to go through

          Download link will now download the new version.


            There's s so many checkerboard textures on this map lol.
            Looks great btw.


              Sorry about the delay for the update, but my ISP decided to go full ****** for a few days. However, the update is now live and you can download it from the same g'd ol' link in the first post. This update includes not a lot things done, but it gives a sense of playability. However, I'll put a legend of what I have done in order to make things clear:
              * - Changed
              + - Added
              & - To be made/added/fixed}

              * Places that will not be used or edited anymore have been made with transparent material. It is easier for me to know where what to do and looks better for the player.
              + 2 meshes for the Shield room, the plate to shoot through did not look good without any mesh touching it.
              + Meshing in the end of the Shield corridor, added a generator that produces a small ambient sound.
              * The low-poly walls at the Invisibility have been changed to higher-poly girders, allowing to see the skybox on the right side.
              * Music has been changed
              & Music to be changed to a custom one, keeping it in secret for now


                I made a quick video few hours ago and it finished uploading just now. It is me and a friend playing in a small 10 minute match on the newest version.

                PS: I'm using the Liandri Bots III by MacTom27, the custom character I used and the so called Corrosion and Nemesys, also Yshtys, who got kicked by my friend. Link to the forum page is Here. Sorry about making a sort of advertisement, but it has to be put, as I know.


                  Hey icis4, good to see some new blood enjoying map making. Personally, I'm hoping you get rid of most of the meshes and do it mostly low-poly style. You can still get a great look and the old UT3 meshes are really tired at this point. Just in case you haven't, make sure you check out the HOLP, COMP, and UOF-LP maps to see what a killer custom look you can get with BSP in UT3. Of course it could be the fact that I mapped with those meshes too long and spent so many hours with them when UT3 came out that they make me want to vomit LOL !

                  After watching the video, it really looks like it has a chance for some fun gameplay so keep up the good work!


                    Note that this is its official version in high-poly style. I do not say I will not make any other remakes for it

                    Also, I prefer having higher-poly meshes since I have been making low-poly maps since I started to play UT'99 and got a little bit "blah" about it, even the version of this map for UT2004(from where it is actually copied with a few changes) was really low-poly because my PC could barely run most official maps on low settings at ~25 FPS and I decided to make a good map where you can play on high settings with smooth framerate. I have a pretty much good PC now, after saving for so much time, that's why I started making detailed maps, but expect some day for a low-poly map, I guarantee I will make one since the BSP conversion is more than easy.


                      And another update has come. Mostly mesh updates, and a small gameplay.

                      * - Changed
                      + - Added
                      & - To be made/added/fixed}

                      + A few walls at the sniper mini-room
                      + Meshing of the main cylinder room (I bet most of you wanted it)
                      ...+ Meshed 3 of the 45 degree angled surfaces to "windows"
                      ...+ Added a floor
                      ......+ Added a glass BSP in the center of the floor (most probably the only BSP I will EVER EVER EVER leave on the map)
                      + Added a few trims on the platforms of the health corridor, you could fall through the edges
                      + Corners of the flex ring on the top
                      + A few concrete walls behind the jump pad platform, you could see parts of the map that do not look good
                      + Added a small trim on the edge of the floor of the top, otherwise it was going to be a hole or BSP
                      * Extended the sniper platform 256 units more (excluding the curve wall) so you can have more space to go through
                      * Added 0.05 seconds jump to the second, higher jump pad because bots were acting retardful at times when jumping with it
                      * Gravity has been slightly decreased
                      * Shield piercable plate was moved and slightly resized because it was going outside the meshes
                      * Some meshes that accepted lights have been made not to, since it does not affect the view quality at all, and making the map more optimized
                      & Transparency to some BSPs, which are almost unnoticable for now
                      & Unnoticable stucking fix in the new meshes in the cylinder room

                      With this update, I can say there is only 1 room that does not look good and most of the tests with other have proven that do not like it, the Redeemer room. Since the main cylinder room has been particularly meshed, these testers started liking it and often using it. I hope you do the same.

                      After a few games, bots will start doing things that they are not supposed to, such as grabbing the Redeemer, which has no paths to, but out of it. The Invisibility is almost the same, bots started using jump boots to reach it in the same manner as the Redeemer, which makes the map a little bit harder the more you play it.

                      A new video will be uploaded next Sunday, most probably with the new version of the map that will come on.

                      Download link will download the latest version of the map now.

                      Note: There won't be a direct connection between the main cube, main cylinder room and shock corridor since the last few tests.


                        I decided to do a small list of tips you can use for the map.

                        1. Jump boots have been added on purpose
                        1.1. You can reach the top in 3 ways - you can jump on one of the windows in the main cube room and then on top to get the Invisibility with the last charge of Boots, use the jump pads or use the stairs
                        1.2. You can reach every super power-up (Invisibility, Redeemer and Shield Belt) using only a single set of boots
                        1.2.1. Get to the jump pads and get the invisibility
                        1.2.2. Continue on and get the Redeemer
                        1.2.3. There is another way to get to the Shield Belt
                        1.3. After 5 minutes of game time, the jump boots become pretty often found

                        2. The Impact Hammer is a much useful weapon here. You can use it instead of jump boots for every single power-up
                        2.1. Careful when taking the Invisibility! A single Stinger shard will put you in the main battle while you are carrying a melee weapon!
                        2.2. Try not to charge the Impact Hammer when at the Redeemer, charge it for exactly 3 seconds (end of staircases (bottom of the top and top of the bottom staircase)) and you'll get the Redeemer prima vista!
                        2.3. You can knock any power-up off a player (even Shield Belt and grab it for yourself!) and use it in your advantage

                        3. Do not shoot the Redeemer immediately after picking it up! You can survive a bit to throw it directly in the main massacre!
                        3.1. A good idea about this is to have the Invisibility so you will be rarely shot and use every power-up!
                        3.2. You can use it from the Shield Belt corridor, but this will only stun players for a few seconds

                        4. If you have picked up the Shield Belt, DO NOT shoot the players below, you will inform about your position and "get rekt"

                        5. You can get the Shield Belt without the need of a Hammer jump or Jump Boots

                        6. You have a good sniping position on the top, but you are very open to be shot and get thrown in the main fight with a Sniper Rifle at close range

                        Hope these tips will help you! Have fun and watch your back!


                          With this new update I announce that the low-poly version of the map will be finished until April. Sorry about the delay, have been having problems with some parts of my PC about it. However, I did something I bet most of you will like. You'll notice it in the change list:
                          * - Changed
                          + - Added
                          & - To be made/added/fixed}

                          * Version updated to 0.4
                          + Meshing of the Redeemer room, the wall that has the Redeemer inside it
                          ...+ A few girders for the bottom and top parts
                          ...+ 2 windows in the middle sides
                          ...+ A few lights to fill the small holes in the middle
                          ...+ Blocking volumes for there, because you could get the Redeemer much more easily

                          !!!!!!!+ Basic BSP materials so I can know where what to edit, and there is no default material anymore, anywhere

                          + Added a physics volume under the Invisibility, so making a fail jump deals more damage, ~50, otherwise it was just 10, and allowing a single sniper shot to finish of there are no power-ups
                          & Making bots less stupid, they throw off the Stinger floor and take the ~50 damage, they ignore the physics volume and often die because of it

                          Download link in the first post will download this version of the map.

                          With this update, I hope people will download the map more often. The screenshots will be updated soon. Have fun and watch the fall damage!


                            Tested the last version. It really improved since the first one
                            Thanks for the materials as well.

                            Some things i have to say :

                            - You should put blocking volumes under your stairs, I've gone below them multiple times during fights.
                            - When you wall-dodge from the redeemer room above the stairs that goes down, you can land above belt, not sure if it's on purpose as there's nothing there.
                            - When you are on the minigun, facing the Invisibility, It feels the right wall over the fall could be used for wall-dodging to the Invisibility. But there's a pillar hindering the movement for no reason. If you don't plan on doing some scenery with it you should remove it and do something to help the wall-dodge.

                            You should also do more change between versions. It will give you more time to work on the map and gives the player more changes to tests.

                            Keep on it


                              Actually, the stairs are rarely glitchy, I had put a blocking volume under one, that has a small engine, at the Redeemer. I added another way to reach the Invisibility, without wall dodging. And that is the way to reach the Shield Belt without Jump Boots, I did it on purpose. So, the only problem left is the stairs. I have to grab the old BSPs I used for stairs before I uploaded it for the blocking volumes. I tried to make players use the Impact Hammer or Jump Boots, although I added a way to reach it without these. Really thanks for the feedback, will add you to the credits for helping me improve it. :3

                              However, I am a person that does something when I want to. Just got an Arduino and I started using it a lot so I left the map a bit for now. I will add a video tomorrow so people can see what the map turned to. I can say I am really proud of it. Yet not finished but plays great. Really thanks. Expect a video tomorrow and update the day after.

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