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[PC] DM-Maliwan [Beta2] (update March 26th 2014))

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    [PC] DM-Maliwan [Beta2] (update March 26th 2014))

    Name: DM-Maliwan
    Version: V0.9 beta
    Compatibility: PC & may require titan patch

    Lots of changes since 0.8, some rooms are differents and the map feels more unified. Some weapons have been moved around and there is now 2 version, 1 for Duel and the other for 2v2.
    I didn't had time to implement things in it so it's just an update on architecture/layout. More on the changes in the description.

    Description :

    The map is inspired by a mix of portal and my favorite manufacturer in Borderlands : Maliwan.

    DM-MaliwanBeta2 is aimed at competitive 2v2.
    DM-1on1-MaliwanBeta2 is aimed at competitive Duel.
    Some pickup/item placements are differents between both.

    Standard has 30a, helmet and Udamage.
    1on1 has 30a, 50a and Belt. Snipe is moved down to leave the place for 50a and helmet is removed. Some ammos moved around.

    It's a total fragfest with anything over 6 people.

    The map contains all weapons pickup except the enforcer and supers. It contains the Belt/Udamage, 50a/Helmet and 30a. There are 3 ammo pack of each weapon, one is next to the pickup, the others on the other side of the map.
    Life packs are concentrated on the 1st floor while the armors are on the last floor.
    There are 15 spawn points.
    There are lots of trickjumps, if it seems doable, then it is.
    Bots time and take all the armors quite well (at least in Masterful and above).
    The orange force-fields are shoot-through windows.

    The map is mostly BSP at the moment, it contains custom textures, meshes and music.
    The Belt and UDamage bases blink around 3 seconds before being available.
    A pulse effect appears on walls when the Udamage and the Belt are available.
    As a side-effect bonus, with a fast map start and good pickup timing on the belt and Udamage, the first Udamage and the first 3 belts are sort of synchronized with the music.

    The map is in Beta stage, everything is subject to change.
    What i really need is to know if an area between Minigun and Link should be made or not on the bottom right of the map to space Weapon/pickups/life (see map pictures).
    Feel free to comment on the rest of the map of course, i'll take note of it for the final.

    Here's a to-do list of what i plan for the final :

    - Layout correction based on feedback. Should be minor now, except maybe an area between Minigun and Link. (see above)
    - Blocking volumes everywhere (mostly).
    - Ambient sounds.
    - Visual overhaul including :
    - Better lifts and bot pathing
    - Reworked lighting (it's currently placeholder for beta purpose)
    - Material overhaul and fix the seamless grid texture not being seamless.
    - Details (like emitters, background scenery, etc... ) to get a slight derelict feel.
    - Maybe rounding the edges a bit with meshes to better fit the Maliwan theme if i can sync the pulse effect.
    - Rework of the 100A/UDmg bases to get a watch-like timer instead of the blinking thing.
    - Announcements (like first blood, killing sprees and multikills) to be shown on walls. Maybe a scoreboard aswell.

    I plan to do a 0.99 short beta around July to get last minute bugs before the final. I'll try to avoid the 1.1 this time

    Video of 0.8 by Wolfy.Brandon on youtube : Wolfy's - Unreal Tournament 3 - DM-Maliwan Beta Test

    Screenshots :

    Download :

    If you downloaded it on 3/26/14 please download again, there was a bug on the normal map making random crashs.

    Known bugs :

    Bots can have some hard time doing the lift jump on the Bio lift, resulting in them waiting another cycle. It tends to be erratic in occurence.
    Grid material looks black when seen from the bottom, but not on every brush.
    Bots can be stuck on 30a jumppad.
    There are collision bugs here and there due to unfitting or lack of Blocking volume. Please report if you find any.
    There is a big collision bug on the wall left to the window where the Snipe is located on the 1on1 version. It's reproductible by hugging the wall while looking to the window. I can't seem to remove it whatever i do.
    Lighting looks ****.


    - SteveLois and Hourences for tutorials and links to awesome stuff.
    - Nobiax for some base textures to work on.
    - Scott "Cr4zyb4st4rd" Coxhead for the glass texture.
    - Neillithan for the uncooked version of DM-1on1-Pure-Pro2 for the jumpad effect.
    - NiT GriT for the music (The Awakening). If you are in the wubwub and you like it, check his website, tons of great stuff freely available.
    - N00b_Zaibot for his great layouts on which i try to get inspiration.
    - Christelle, Nours and Luap for the countless hours spent helping with the layout evolution tests.
    - SteveLois, Neillithian and Wolfy.Brandon for their great advice.
    - Everybody that helped with feedback.
    - Epic Games and UOF forums for having the solution to most of the problems encountered before i ask the question.
    - Epic Games for this awesome game.
    - You for playing the game.

    Have fun



      Thanks man. Will test it out tonight.


        Oo So Good !
        This map is almost perfect! The layout, the look, all pickups and bots, everthing is so great.
        Some issues :

        Voir l'image en grand

        Voir l'image en grand
        Just some weird shadow. Probably due to lighting

        Voir l'image en grand
        Many edges don't really fell right. putting some black at the bottom of the wall could help.

        Voir l'image en grand

        Voir l'image en grand
        Nice idea but don't seem finish because it's passing through the grid.
        The one on the right is even passing through the wall.

        A 1-on-1 version with jumpboot instead of Udamage could be fun.
        Will post other suggestion after more play, like for the stinger room


          Nice map man! Keep it up.


            Just downloaded this map yesterday and I gave it a shot! To be honest, this is a very refreshing and wonderful looking map. I mean, textures are nicely done and have a nice resolution and I love hexagons. Speaking of hexagons, I love this neat feature depending on which item spawns and the hexagons on the wall blink in certain colours. I played this map with 3 bots and I had the feeling, that this amount of opponents was enough, because I never had a moment to rest, but I'm gonna try it later with more opponents. I'm totally in love with the design of this map, I love this futuristic look and I love Maliwan (<- one of my favourite weapon brands from Borderlands/2). All in all, I really like this map and I'm looking forward to the final version, especially once you added all of your ideas to it. Keep up the good work amigo and I can't wait!


              I won't be able to play the map until next week but the least I can say is that it look so niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice & clean Really, the visuals are superb for me

              Will try to provide some feedback next week!


                Thanks all for the comments

                @BomBerWill : Thanks for the inputs, as i said the visuals are not finished, some are placeholders to get a feel of the atmosphere. I prefered to release a beta version to be sure about the layout before doing all the details. There's lot of misalignements, not entirely finished materials or trims and stuff like that.
                The final will have more textures to get all the wall panels fitting well and avoid some half-cut materials.
                It also severly lacks sounds and particles but i find it to be quite laborious to modify the layout once every piece of detail is placed.
                I noted all the things you said though, be sure it will be fixed in time
                Also thanks for the idea of the jumpboots, i'll get some tests running with them to see how it goes, it could give me some leads for the minigun room.

                @Anubis : The map being balanced around 1-3 oponents, it really becomes a non-stop mess once you set more opponents in it as the map is quite small. But knowing some people like to play with "overcrowded" settings i 've put in lots of spawns. It's a bit refreshing some time playing with more casual settings like 6v6 with relics and cbp3 power-ups on a small maps.
                As for the pulse effect, i'm glad you like it. It was to get some regenerative effect at first but i added the item anouncement later to help while playing with more casual settings. I learned some things while doing the kismet sequence and it should help while doing the power up bases overhaul.


                  Is this map low ploy textures?


                    Someone correct me if i'm wrong but Low poly stands for "low polygons count", meaning that most of the architecture of the map is done with bsp and there's only a few meshes. It keeps the number of polygons to calcul very low and permits to achieve easily 100+ frames per second on low-end computers. The visuals are built with lot of works on the volumes and textures, and most of the time it gives a clean looking map with everything being really neat without too much scenery to hinder the view, helping to spot players. It also gives a nice retro look, similar too what the maps looks like in older UTs.
                    Hope that helps

                    btw the final version will have ps3 download


                      Oh, so low polygons count. Got it. Hope the final version have
                      smooth frame rates for PS3. Oh, for fun there's a PS3 mods
                      site for UT3. It's called You can post mods for PS3
                      on that site.

                      Btw, does this map have custom music?


                        Beta 0.8

                        Had some great fights on this level. I had the chance to play a bit since my last post.

                        I must say you've already have a really nice beta so far

                        I love the architecture, the clean look, the materials (even if some need a bit of tweaking as you said), jumpad emitters, custom music The look & feel and the theme of this level is really great !

                        I see there are few places it need some triming, better shadows, material alignment but I didn't took pic of that since it's on your to-do-list.

                        Gameplay wise, after few rounds I found the center of the map to crowded/busy while the outside part of the level miss some action. I found most pickups to be well located BUT some can be relocated / deleted to accommodate a better balance. Take these as suggestions of course.

                        1. Here, switch the bio / rl. Move the sniper in front of the opening on the upper platform and finally remove the vest.


                        2. The belt and the udamage are much to close. Beside, it favor player from the link gun spot who collect easily the weapon, this armor and the powerup. It would be better if you move the medium health there instead and also add the helmet where the medium health is located. Another spot for the helmet would be in the corridor beside the stinger where you have 3 vials.


                        That's all for now.

                        Excellent work so far, waiting for Beta 0.9


                          @Stevelois : Thanks for the feedback, i've noted your points and will test moving around the concerned pickups. I'll also try to give better incentives to go around while reducing a bit the attraction of the center which is one of the main purposes of this beta.

                          @ShrapnelAD : The map has a custom music called The Awakening. It's not dynamic and i didn't made it either. You can listen to it here and/or download it on


                            Map looks great! I've seen this from the "work in progress" thread. It looks great! I'll play it tomorrow and have a look around.


                              Love the map. Great low poly visuals and gameplay. Exactly my thing.

                              However, when looking at the orange windows with these particle effects, my framerate drops to 40. Even worse when the elevator appears infront of me. While these elements are looking awesome, I think a stable framerate should be more important.