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CTF-NarrowSword [PICS] - [BETA]

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    CTF-NarrowSword [PICS] - [BETA]


    I am looking for beta testers for my UT3 CTF level. I need general feedback concerning:

    - performance
    - gameplay issues
    - visuals
    - general advice

    I will be leaving this in beta version for one full week, untill the 25th of august, after which I will incorporate feedback into the level and release it to the public. For now, anyone that wishes to give it a go can download it here: (39MB).

    You can see some sample SSHOTS at the bottom of the post.

    About the map:

    This is my first UT3 level. I used it as a base to get up to speed with the basics of the UnrealEngine 3. It uses 0% custom content, because I wanted to focus on building the level with already created content, without having to worry about modeling in new meshes. I am aware of the following flaws in the map:

    - not enough z-axis combat
    - the level is a bit too spacious overall

    I will address these issues in my next level. The focus of this map was learning the basics of the engine, with emphasis on visuals.

    Map theme:

    Opposing temples nestled inside a narrow canyon, above a calm but dangerous river. I wanted the level to look like something that could exist in real life, but with a bit of a surreal feel to it. I also decided on a night time lighting scheme as there is a clear lack of night time levels IMO.

    You can post any comments as replies to this post.

    Thank you in advance!


    SSHOTS (8 in total):

    I will post a new thread as the map is finished. I request an admin to lock or delete this thread as it serves no purpose.


      Hi there

      Forums are pretty much quiet these days & leaving a playable version to gather feedback for only 1 - 2 weeks won't help you out a lot. You need to let the map available for more time unless your level is pretty much finished & post a almost-final version. Your to-do-list is rather long so the level need clearly more work.

      To get more attention, add preview shots so players have an idea of the map

      1 picture worth a thousand words, so a few of them will be good !


        Hey JureV,

        For a better review, you might wanna drop in the Unreal Old Friends Forum, so that some veterans can judge your work too

        Coming from the pictures, Looks good so far. Your meshing looks good for your first map. Also Lightning seems in place, and foliage seems proper.
        In some pictures, the glowing of the lightning might seem abit overdone, but that could be because there is fire or lava going on. (Cannot tell from the picture)

        I have no time to play it soon, but I will take a more deeper dive in once I have more time.


          Just a quick comment from the pics. The bloom level looks too high (all of the emissive materials are blown out) IMO. It looks like an excellent job so far on your first map.