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[PC] DM-Malevolence2011 v0.9[Beta]

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    [PC] DM-Malevolence2011 v0.9[Beta]

    Link to final version thread :

    Name: DM-Malevolence2011
    Compatibility: PC & may require titan patch

    Description: Remake of my all time favorite duel map i've done for personal use a couple of years ago.
    Suitable for DM/TDM up to 6 players but built with duel in mind (no power-ups, only armor)
    Remake of DM-Malevolence for UT99 by Rich "Akuma" Eastwood.
    Visuals heavily inspired by DM-Edge (Comp map pack) by Scott "Cr4zyb4st4rd" Coxhead with the textures pack on




    Cool to see another remake of this classic

    But why 2011 ??????? It sound already outdated for a beta map ! At least name it 2013

    Good use of Cr4zy's textures too


      Originally posted by stevelois View Post

      But why 2011 ??????? It sound already outdated for a beta map ! At least name it 2013


      really happy to see another variant of this map too, thx for your work


        Wow, didn't see this one coming! I will have to check this out. Barball's Malevolence is pretty good even in pre-release form. His RC2 didn't work right for me but RC1 gets regular play on my server well, even last night actually!

        With the look using Cr4zy's textures and the oddness of using 2011 in the title (has this been rolling around for a couple years just not posted?) I would rename it to DM-Malevolence-Pro or something like that. Since it is geared not towards the ambience of the original but more on visibility and gameplay. My two cents anyway. Thanks for posting this!


          Very nice looking remake of a classic. Call me a Cr4zyholic fan of the Edge style/tex

          nit: is the wall texture misspelled "MALVOLENCE" above the shock?


            Looks awesome


              oops didn't see the misspelling, i'll fix that on the next release. Thanks for the hint.

              The name is Malevolence2011 because i made the map 2 years ago but didn't released it, at the time it was for personnal use only.
              I'll probably change it once the map is in final version.

              I'm a big fan of the Comp/Holp visual style and couldn't stop playing DM-Edge at its release so i was really happy when Cr4zy published his texture pack.


                Originally posted by M^vL View Post
                Well, we haven't heard from BB in ages so I think the answer is yes. TBH RC1 is in regular play on my server (in 8th place on my Stats page no less!) RC2 would not load on my machine so I stuck with RC1.
                I'm with ya as far as that goes but I'm also stoked to have another working version of a UT99 original. - I'd say by the time its over they all will end up being brought forward if I had it my way. Again like my other friends have said its all good to have more than one version of the same map, - it just gives everyone more choices not to mention sometimes sometimes mappers go off the grid and don't finish projects.

                Thanks for sharing this OP.

                Whoa were back in this thread M. Heh ...... <<<don't mind me>>>