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CTF-Embargo [RC1][15-5-2013]

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  • CTF-Embargo [RC1][15-5-2013]

    General information:

    Name: Embargo

    Game type: Capture the Flag
    Version: 1.0
    Players: 12 - 18
    Requirements: UT3 + Patch 2.1
    Credits: Hourences for the textures.
    Story / Histoire:

    A mine and once final settlement during the great war used the Liandri which mined ore. materials and nano for new weapon development and vehicle research, has been abandoned when the Axon invaded the planet.
    Old feelings of rot, war and decay still overwhelmed those who roamed here, but the rain has blew new life into the mine, washing away and cleansing the settlement of decayed bodies and bloodstains.
    Leaving the future story of this mine open for new discoveries within. Will you write the final pages?


    Mediafire (Direct)
    UOF Thread


    Extract the archive into :

    “My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps” directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it. The archive contains :

    CTF-Embargo README.txt


    This map is a complete custom layout thought out and designed by myself in roughly 14 days.
    Its a dark, eerie Mine environment which features a lot of Z-axis gameplay and smart movement options.
    Though, with alot of static meshes, rain meshes and emitters, I have successfully maintained a very stable environment (60+ FPS), on almost all spots, making this map fitting on even slightly older systems.


    The features:

    - Hardcore eye to eye layout for original CTF action, with still a strong mix of long and short ranged battles and lots of options for navigation and losing your opponent.
    - Preview video showing different parts of the map in the Level Menu.
    Attached Files

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    FYI, I'm releasing this as a Release Candidate version, just so you all can let me know if anything weird pops up that I have missed.

    Thanks all, enjoy.


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      A very good layout but, for human eye, lighting are poor. I had several difficulties to orientate myself and find blue base; your map could have a look perfect with some team based lights or decal's arrow.


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        Originally posted by BloodK1nG View Post
        A very good layout but, for human eye, lighting are poor. I had several difficulties to orientate myself and find blue base; your map could have a look perfect with some team based lights or decal's arrow.

        - I did not focus myself too much on lightning, since too much lightning in a Mine environment would be weird and non realistic in my opinion.
        But I was thinking about either releasing an SE or NE edition of the map without the Rain and a higher brightness Sunlight (SE) or Moonlight (NE)

        - I already got more feedback to get more Team colored orientation around the map. Will implement in the Final, Thanks!


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          Hey little bro

          Finally had the chance to try the map ! Really cool map with lot's of room to move. I must admit that I'm a bit lost since the size of this map is rather large. I like what you've done so far with the materials, trimming & also the lighting which is rather simple in therm of color but do look great that way

          I question myself about item placement because there are many areas where there is nothing to collect so there is no reason for me to go there. It also need more health because the player count is rather big. So, for the feedback :

          Here, I would tend to put an armor like the vest or a medium health. At the opposite side, you found the rl with the exact same empty square spot. Would be cool to collect something worthy there too.


          Need trimming.


          Red = BSP need attention.
          Yellow = rain from above that pass through the wood.


          Rain from above that pass through the wood.


          Rain from above that pass through the wood.


          Splash emitters are to big & there are to many of them animating the same way. Would look better if there was smaller with various directions.


          The deco flags around the map are way to big imho.


          Need to play a bit with the values, inverted horizontal / vertical alignment of the bsp faces so it doesn't look to repetitive, specially with wood.


          You barely see the splash emitter. To reach a realistic look it would take a good amount of them because only 1 or few of them spread apart look weird but adding more of them everywhere doesn't make sense in term of resources. I suggest you use a plane mesh that you put only 1 uu above the floor with panning / rotating water. That way you don't need splash emitters. To do that kind of material, look at my Citus map at the bottom of the waterfall where you collect the medium health.


          What is the purpose of this beam ??? I suggest you remove it because I don't see the use of it when I think of visuals, flow or gameplay.


          BSP need attention.


          In all, it look good. Really nice use of Hourence textures (great job also with the normals maps) & also the lighting is very good. I also like the fact you use some wood supports under rocks here & there.

          My suggestions :

          - Personally, I would remove everything about the rain because I don't really think it add something special to the map. Beside, it would require a more accurate splashing / waving effect on the ground & also more variation on the falling water.
          - I suggest you use another material for the rocks above the map to make your map look like 100% custom. There are many HQ rock textures out there that look much better than the stock rocky materials.
          - Add a bit more ambient sounds (low volume).

          Really a nice job overall little bro, keep it up !!!
          - Please remove the stock plants, they look so damn ugly Again, we have enough choice of custom meshes out there


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            I forgot to mention that every time I see dynamic preview screen, I love it You impress me much bro !


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              Cheers for all your feedback big bro! Very sharp as usual !

              I have it all written down and am already working towards the RC2 which eventually will lead to 2 version of the Final. A Rain version and a Sun version with some differences from both.

              WIP Changelog for the RC2:

              - Fixing, adding and changing trimming on various locations.
              - Fixing multiple collision issues.
              - Fixing some lift speeds
              - Fixing wrong emitters and size
              - Fixing lightning on different locations
              - Fixing more differentials in UV's and Scales for the Wood.
              - Fixing Skel-Mesh Flag sizes

              - Adding more Team based content for a more clear flow
              - Adding custom rock material (Nobiax)
              - Adding custom foliage (Nobiax)
              - Adding more details
              - Adding a preview picture instead of a preview video. (Rendering just fails..)

              And more.


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                Great. Happy I could help out

                Quite a change list ! Looking forward RC2


                • #9
                  Going straight to the final after finishing all the content for the UOF LP Pack.

                  A big changelog for the Final which I'm too lazy to post.