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UT3 Fixes (Beta): A UT3 Bugfix Mutator

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    on a "leave no traces" principle. This means that the mutator is essentially invisible in-game.

    Is that what those bender h4xxxx are called? :+)

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    I like most of the bug fixes / features you've listed, but have qualms about others.

    Hellbender Damage Phenomenon: This made it possible to kill a tank with a hellbender, albeit it was still an extremely difficult trick to pull off. Now the bender would have no chance against a tank unless it was badly damaged to begin with.

    I love the manta hammer jump! Especially on Torlan, since it made it possible to get the redeemer with a manta. If more players knew of this trick, then (1) nobody would be tempted to take center just for the Cicada in order to get the redeemer, and (2) nobody would take the raptor just for the redeemer and leave the orb carrier to run it on foot.

    Paladin double-clicking alt-fire to keep shield open: I never have any trouble keeping the shield up. Personally, I'm a bit worried that I won't notice I double-clicked the alt-fire (just like how I frequently kill myself by accidentally dodging). Very often, I drop the shield and fire immediately after (say, at an approaching scorpion). If the shield won't drop when I expect, then I'm dead.

    Everything else you list, however, is absolutely awesome! This is an excellent mutator and even if you decide to keep the above 3 fixes, I would still love for it to be on Epic 2. Thank you!

    If I can make one request: can you please convert the "hoverboard" key into a "kamikaze only" key when the player is in a vehicle? It's very annoying to have kamikaze and exit be the same key, especially when that beep / message indicating that the kamikaze mode is ready sometimes lies.

    P.S. - no mention of the "two nightshades" bug? If the same team is using two nightshades, then they won't always put down the correct deployable. For example, if you try to put down a spider mine then it will put down a slow-field instead.

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    Bubble is a god! Now please oh please make a score board that shows kills and deaths in Greed.

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    Originally posted by xeanderthal View Post
    Hmm, a lot of Bender fixes in there.
    Yeah, I was trying to figure out why that might be.

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    Hmm, a lot of Bender fixes in there.

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    Wow, great job! I, I dont know what to say. This is great! Can't wait to see it work in the game

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  • started a topic UT3 Fixes (Beta): A UT3 Bugfix Mutator

    UT3 Fixes (Beta): A UT3 Bugfix Mutator

    Name: UT3 Fixes
    Author: Bubble_Damage / Spiljgar
    Version: Beta, Build 6
    Date: 06 July 2013

    1. About

    UT3 Fixes is a mutator designed to fix a lot of the pesky bugs in Unreal Tournament 3 that have been frustrating players since the game's release. This includes issues such as buggy collisions, graphical glitches, and damage exploits.

    The mutator primarily benefits players of vehicle-based gametypes. This is because I spend the vast majority of my UT3 time playing vehicle game modes, and most of the bugs I have noticed are with vehicles. Of the few non-vehicle bugs I have encountered, they have tended to relate to issues with server-client communication; unfortunately, this is beyond my area of expertise.

    I designed UT3 Fixes on a "leave no traces" principle. This means that the mutator is essentially invisible in-game. I did not include any custom content, popup messages, or dramatic changes to gameplay (I did make a few slight tweaks that I figured nobody would find objectionable -- all are detailed below). My goal in making this was for it to serve as a patch -- something that could be turned on to fix common issues without a major impact on the game.

    2. Bug Fixes

    UT3 Fixes repairs a wide range of issues in UT3. All of the fixes are listed here. Note that I only listed ones that are purely bug fixes in this section. Gameplay tweaks and additional features are in the next section.


    • Titan: Fixed the melee bug, in which a melee attack started by the player would kill enemies after the player died.

    • Titan: Fixed the explosion suicide bug. Players can no longer kill themselves by respawning into their own Titan's explosion.

    • Spectating: Spectators now see their screens flash red when their view target's incur damage.

    • Spectating: Spectators now see the name of their view target's killer upon death.

    • Spectating: Spectators now see missile lock-on warnings received by their view target.


    • Link Gun: The link beam now appears in its yellow "powered-up" color for players holding the Berserk.

    • Link Gun: The Link Gun's beam will no longer be interrupted by teammates healing the same vehicle or node. If two teammates are healing the same thing, their link beams will not be broken if one player accidentally walks in front of the other.

    • Longbow AVRiL: Fixed the vehicle suicide bug. If you fire an AVRiL then hijack an enemy vehicle, the AVRiL missile will no longer hunt it down with you in it.

    • Longbow AVRiL: Fixed the weapon switch bug. If you fire an AVRiL then switch to a new weapon immediately, you will no longer be stuck holding the AVRiL until it reloads. You will still have to complete the reload sequence upon switching back to the AVRiL, however.

    • Redeemer: The Redeemer is now in weapon slot 11, instead of sharing slot 10 with the AVRiL. Although this makes no difference on the HUD, it prevents players from accidentally switching to the Redeemer when they in fact want an AVRiL.


    • All vehicles: Fixed the victory theme bug. The "victory" music track will now play in vehicles when the player has a power-up active. It used to be that entering the vehicle would stop this music track from playing, and it would resume upon leaving the vehicle.

    • All vehicles: Dead vehicle pieces no longer cause the crosshairs of enemy players to flash red upon being shot.

    • Eradicator: Fixed the spawn bug, in which players could push around the Eradicator during the time its spawn effect was playing.

    • Leviathan: Fixed the camera bug, where the main cannon's explosion causes all nearby players to have badly-centered vision for a few seconds.

    • Leviathan: The "ramming" ability of the Leviathan now uses the correct damage type. This is a very subtle fix that will only be noticed by people who have death messages turned on for vehicle game modes.

    • Leviathan: The Leviathan's big cannon is now affected by the Berserk power-up.

    • Hellbender: Passengers using the gunner seat will now see their crosshair flash red when they score a hit with the turret beam. This happens with most instant hit weapons, so I added it for the Hellbender Gunner as well.

    • Hellbender: The gunner seat is now affected by the Berserk power-up. The Berserk will now cause the gunner seat's weapon to recharge at twice the original rate.

    • Hellbender: Fixed the Hellbender damage phenomenon, an exploit that enabled players to deal large amounts of damage with a single skymine combo.

    • Hellbender: Fixed the wall bug, where skymines detonated near a wall or obstacle would fail to continue the chain reaction.

    • Hellbender: Fixed the zoom bug, in which switching away from the gunner seat while zooming in could result in a zoomed view in the driver seat.

    • Hellbender: Fixed the aiming bug. Sometimes the detonator beam would lock onto dead skymines that had run into a wall, making it difficult to hit shock balls you are aiming for.

    • Manta: Fixed the hammer jump exploit. Players can no longer propel themselves into the air by using the Impact Hammer's alternate fire on their Manta.

    • Nightshade / StealthBender: These stealth vehicles no longer display overlays on their weapons for the UDamage and Berserk. These purple or red overlays gave away the location of the vehicle when it was cloaked, and also had a tendency to stay on the vehicle after the power-up had expired.

    • Paladin: Fixed the shield damage bug, where the vehicle would take all of the damage incurred by its shield while the shield was opening. The shield now blocks all damage as soon as it's visible.

    • Paladin: The shield now protects from splash damage. Large projectiles such as tank shells can no longer damage players on the other side of the shield.

    • Paladin: The Paladin proximity explosion attack is now affected by the Berserk power-up.

    • Scavenger: The spinning blade attack now kills enemies riding hoverboards, instead of bouncing them off.

    • Scorpion: Fixed the invisible dead vehicle bug. Exploding scorpions no longer leave behind invisible remains that block the movement of other vehicles.

    • Scorpion: Scorpion blades now award kills to the driver after a self destruct has been initiated.

    • Scorpion / Viper: Fixed a bug with self destructs. Sometimes players would be killed by the vehicle explosion itself instead of the additional self destruct explosion. This would cause the killer to receive no "Bullseye!" award and the victim to see no "(Self Destruct)" kill message.

    • Shockball Turret: Big ugly black boxes no longer appear to players in front of the turret when it is firing. (Note that this is a fix for the actual Shock Turret vehicle, not the seat in the Leviathan, which seems not to have this issue).


    • All deployables: Fixed the throw weapon bug, where throwing your deployable to a teammate would prevent you from using all other weapons.

    • EMP Mine: Fixed the Scorpion bug, in which a self-destructing scorpion would trigger the EMP multiple times.

    • Energy Shield: The shield now protects from splash damage. Large projectiles such as tank shells and redeemers can no longer damage players on the other side of the shield.

    • Link Generator: This deployable now heals vehicles more smoothly, which looks nicer on the HUD.

    • Link Generator: The link beams now display as soon as the deployable hits the ground. This eliminates a graphical glitch where vehicles would heal or take damage from invisible beams

    • X-Ray Field: Fixed the nearby deployables bug. It is no longer possible to place other deployables inside or near an X-Ray Field.


    • Warfare: Fixed an exploit that enabled players to do small amounts of damage to unlinked nodes.

    • Warfare: This mutator now includes the Orb Fix mutator. This means the orb minimap issue is fixed, and there is no need to use the Orb Fix mutator separately.

    3. Additional Features

    In addition to fixes for common UT3 bugs, this mutator adds a variety of extra features and changes. Some of these changes affect gameplay slightly; I only included them because they seemed completely reasonable and/or had been requested by many players in the past.


    • I have implemented a hack-prevention routine suggested by DickBird. Hopefully this will alleviate the recent chat-spamming issue.

    • The mid-game menu now features a "Spectate" button, enabling active players to become spectators without leaving the game.

    • Titan: Titan melee attacks and death explosions now have unique death messages. A player killed by a nearby ground-pounding or exploding Titan will now see "(Titan)" next to the name of their killer, rather than no information at all.


    • Shock Rifle / Sniper Rifle: Shock combos and head shots now have their own unique death messages. A player killed by a shock combo will now see "(Shock Combo)" next to the name of their killer, rather than "(Shock Rifle)". The same applies to head shots with the sniper rifle.

    • Longbow AVRiL: New announcer message for killing a foot soldier with the AVRiL.

    • Redeemer: A player whose Redeemer is denied now receives a message informing them of who shot it down, and with what weapon.

    • Redeemer: Players with the Berserk power-up can now equip and put away the Redeemer twice as quickly. This balances the fact that the Redeemer fires only one shot, and thus is otherwise unaffected by the Berserk.


    • Hoverboard: A failed performance of the "footgrab" stunt no longer causes players to fall off their hoverboards. Holding the right mouse button is useful on a hoverboard because it enables you to look in every direction. The right button (along with some other keystroke) also triggers this "footgrab" trick, often accidentally. Even though Epic intended it, I thought players should not be able to fall off of their hoverboards when they accidentally performed this maneuver.

    • All vehicles: Seats occupied by passengers are now a light-blue color on the HUD. This is easier to discern than the slight difference between light gray (vacant) and white (occupied).

    • All vehicles: Vehicle explosions now have their own unique death messages. A player killed by a nearby exploding vehicle will now see "(Vehicle Explosion)" next to the name of their killer, rather than no information at all.

    • DarkWalker / Goliath / Hellbender: These vehicles now have a driver-activated lockout feature. Pressing the jump key will "lock" the vehicle, kicking team-mates out of the gunner seats and preventing them from re-entering. The vehicle will remain locked until the driver presses the jump key again or exits the vehicle.

    • Hellbender: The gunner seat of the Hellbender now has a charge bar. This was a much requested feature, so I decided to add it. A charge bar showing the level of charge of the gunner seat is now visible in both seats of the Hellbender.

    • Paladin: The Paladin's shield now waits briefly before disappearing if it hits an obstacle. This was inspired by the Link Gun's behavior when healing: If you accidentally end up with a wall between you and your heal target, it will wait a bit before breaking the link. Since many people have complained about the shield disappearing because it hit a nearby twig, I figured I would implement a similar mechanism.

    • Paladin: In addition to holding down the alternate fire, players can now open the vehicle's shield by tapping the space bar. The shield will remain active until the space bar (or alternate fire button) is pressed again. Note that the original ability to control the shield with the alternate fire button remains unaltered.

    • Paladin: The Paladin's shield no longer blocks friendly link beams, preventing drivers from accidentally interfering with vehicle healing.

    • Scavenger: Players in the Scavenger can no longer kill themselves by blowing up a nearby vehicle. Many players like the ability of the Scavenger to "maul" other vehicles. However, if this tactic succeeds in blowing up the enemy vehicle, the resulting explosion can cause significant damage to the Scavenger. I removed this damage in response to complaints about this.

    • Scorpion: The globs fired by the main gun now deal a consistent 45 damage to manta and viper drivers. The damage used to be unpredictable, usually somewhere in the range of 30-60 HP. This meant that it would take anywhere from 2 to 4 shots to kill a manta/viper driver with 100 HP, with no real way to predict how many. I figured that since the typical number of required shots is 3 (2 and 4 are more rare), I would make a successful hit reliably deal 45 damage.

    • Scorpion / Viper: The hoverboard key (typically Q) now serves as a "self destruct only" key in these vehicles, as requested by Cybis. If the vehicle is ready for a self destruct, pressing the hoverboard key will initiate it. Otherwise, the player will remain in the vehicle.


    • Invulnerability: I have changed this power-up to act like a shieldbelt in vehicles. Instead of making the entire vehicle invulnerable to damage, Invulnerability ejects the player when the vehicle explodes, subjecting them to the impact hammer's alt-fire. I found this to be very important for balancing; Invulnerability is way too powerful if you can just sit in a tank with zero fear of death for 30 seconds.

    • Invulnerability: The red tint in the vision of invulnerable players is now much more pronounced. Since this is a rare and powerful power-up, I wanted it to feel more interesting.


    • Shaped Charge: The Shaped Charge can now be deployed anywhere, regardless of whether there are nearby deployables. I made this change because I consider the Shaped Charge more of a weapon than a deployable. Players shouldn't be able to protect (for example) power nodes from the Shaped Charge simply by placing a random deployable on it.


    • Warfare: Healing friendly vehicles now provides a score bonus (much more slight than the bonus for healing nodes). Note that this bonus is only given when healing a vehicle occupied by a team-mate.

    • Warfare: Players no longer have to wait for the map to appear to choose their spawn location. As soon as the game allows you to respawn at a game-selected location by pressing fire, it will also let you open the map and choose specifically where to respawn.

    4. Credit

    This mutator was created entirely by Bubble_Damage / Spiljgar. Many thanks go to Xyx for the source code for his Camera Control mutator. His code showed me how to make changes to vehicles in the game; without it, many of these fixes would not have been possible.

    This mutator may be used on any server or in any game with no credit to me. I will also happily provide its source code to those who request it (see the read-me for contact info). If you use this mutator's code, I ask that you please give me credit (like I have done for Xyx). Thanks also go to Taffy for much appreciated help with online testing, and RattleSN4K3 for assistance with coding.

    5. Download

    You can download the mutator here (Build 6, 06 July 2013):

    After testing both offline and online, this mutator seems to work quite well. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or requests for fixes/features.