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UT3 Fixes (Beta): A UT3 Bugfix Mutator

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    Originally posted by RattleSN4K3 View Post
    Bindings=(Name="X",Command="SwitchWeapon 1 | PrevWeapon")
    ****, I should have thought of that 10000 games ago... brb gonna go edit my ini's


      Originally posted by xeanderthal View Post
      Find another key (hoverboard key? horn button?) for this. I need the DW to fart on vipers/people/mantas.
      Umm... it's the alternate fire key, not the jump key, which "farts" on people below. I didn't think the jump key did anything in the darkwalker.


        Originally posted by Veggie_D View Post
        I squat to s***, xean jumps to fart.

        But then I thought farts were alternate fire (heyo) ... or am I up to the apostrophe in Alzheimer's
        Lol, hadn't been in a DW in a while, but I was pinging 160-180 on War3 last night so was DW whoring. I guess my fingers forgot the key.


          Sorry for the delays getting to the deemer problem. I've been away for the past couple of weeks and haven't had much time to spend on UT3. Build 6 of the beta version is now released. I have updated the original post. This build removes the deemer "fix" completely, and makes a few other small changes, but other than that is not very noteworthy. In theory, this build is quite stable, as I have not introduced any new changes I could see causing issues.


          • Spectating: Made some slight changes that will hopefully improve upon fixes made in previous versions.

          • Redeemer: Removed the weapon slot fix introduced in the previous build. This change caused issues with the keyboard layout used by most players, so it turned out to do more harm than good.

          New Fixes

          • All vehicles: Dead vehicle pieces no longer cause the crosshairs of enemy players to flash red upon being shot.

          • Eradicator: Fixed the spawn bug, in which players could push around the Eradicator during the time its spawn effect was playing.

          Let me know what you think.


            This is incredible! Thank you so much for attempting to fix what the devs completely ignored for some reason. Will this eventually become a sort of unofficial patch for UT3 or will it remain a mutator?


              Beta 6 is up on War3 if anyone is interested. Thx GreenCheetos


                voted for this to be put on epic 2 to or too


                  Could you add some code that makes the server count as a "pure" server for those of us that care about achievements? That would be great, thanks!


                    Originally posted by geronaho View Post
                    voted for this to be put on epic 2 to or too
                    voted again for this to be put on epic 2 to or too


                      Yes please


                        Oh my god dude! You are my hero great work dont let stop your great effort in this masterpiece mutator like the bunga bunga chaka chaka music chorus lol

                        Mech and fullbleed nice to see you all alive!! lol

                        I vote to Flak to put this mut as sticky


                          Have you considered making it open-source and free (as per Stallman)? Other people might like to contribute something to it.

                          Also, why didn't you make your mutator configurable? Some changes are questionable, and server admins might want to enable them selectively.


                            Hey there Bubble_Dammage. I was just curious if you're still actively updating this mutator.

                            If so, I noticed that a LOT of these bug fixes are directly related to Warfare, and therefore not very useful to me as a Duel/TDM player. However, if you would be willing to consider a few general bug fixes that would be extremely beneficial to Duel/TDM players, that would be awesome.


                            First is: Partially or fully Charged Rockets not firing upon death. Sometimes a player will be charging rockets and when he dies, the player will die, but the rockets will not fire. This is a huge problem in Duel/TDM because sometimes that well placed well timed shot was completely denied and it could have severe repercussions. What could have been splash damage, is now zero damage. What could have been full blown direct damage, is now zero damage.


                            Next is invisible bio glitch. This happens excessively in servers that use UTComp, expecially when UTComp ping compensation is enabled.

                            There are 2 types of invisible bio glitches. The first is, you charge up the bio... then you release. The bio gun animates and you hear the bio release sound, but nothing actually comes out of the gun. No green bio, no damage, nothing.

                            The other type of invisible bio glitch is, you fire the bio... you visually see the bio exit your gun, but your opponent doesn't see it come out of your gun, he doesn't see it land. He might *hear* it land, but if he looks around, the bio will be nowhere. If he walks over the location where bio landed, he will get severely damaged or die.

                            The 2nd type of bio glitch occurs especially when UTComp ping compensation is enabled, but it can also occur without it, it's just rarer without it.

                            You can almost recreate this bio glitch by shooting bio through blocking volumes. In fact, I'm almost positive that it's 90% related to blocking volumes. On maps that have grates, or windows, or small openings, map authors will use blocking volumes to block player movement. However, if a player shoots bio through these blocking volumes while UTComp ping compensation is enabled, there is a very high probability the bio will become invisible to the opposing player. This depends on the opposing player's distance to the player with bio. The further away each player is, the more likely the bio will become invisible.

                            Certain maps put blocking volumes on the ceilings to prevent players from escaping the level. If bio passes through those ceiling blocking volumes, the bio may become invisible to other players.

                            I sure do know a lot about the invis bio glitch lol.

                            This can ALSO happen with flak balls. Flak balls can become invisible, except that is EXTREMELY rare compared to biorifle.


                            The final glitch that I have to report, is an extremely annoying and aggravating bug... which I have had absolutely zero luck fixing from a map making standpoint. Whenever a player fires rockets, flak, or any kind of explosive at a mover (an elevator)... there is a 90% chance that the rockets/flak/whatever will deal zero splash damage to opposing players. The reason is because movers in UT3 are coded in such a weird way. I'll just use rockets as an example. Whenever you fire a rocket at a moving lift, the explosion will become attached to the lift. You can visually see the smoke/explosion effect moving with the elevator because the explosion attached to the lift. Also, due to things like ping, netcode, delays, whatever... all of this translates to explosions becoming duds. You could fire 3 charged rockets at a lift... and have SPOT ON timing and aim, and they will deal ZERO damage to the other player because you shot the lift/mover while it was animating.

                            If you could fix this bug, that would have some major gameplay differences in UT3. It would cause players to be more cautious about using lifts because the chance of getting severely injured would be extremely high. As is right now, players actually take the risk because the risk of escaping damage is actually pretty high due to this bug.

                            It should be noted that we use UTComp3 4 Beta2 on all of our servers and we use a serverside tickrate of 80. The bug fixes would have to be compatible with UTComp, and I believe UTComp uses special weapons (or something. I'm not sure. Don't take my word!)

                            Anywho, those are my bugs to report! Hopefully you can fix them. I really appreciate you taking the time to fix bugs in UT3.

                            -Neil (CaptainFlaccid)


                              Partially or fully Charged Rockets not firing upon death.
                              This might be a feature.
                              I believe UTComp uses special weapons
                              If ping compensation is enabled, it does use subclassed weapons (e.g. something like class ZP_utcomp3v4b2_RocketLauncher extends UTWeap_RocketLauncher).
                              This happens excessively in servers that use UTComp, expecially when UTComp ping compensation is enabled.
                              So it might be an UTComp bug as well.


                                If this beta (lot of the stuff sounds great by the way) is applied to the game and the server you're trying to connect to does not have it, will you get kicked off?