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GinMon-RuneStorm (v01b) - Galtanor Invasion Monster Addon

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    GinMon-RuneStorm (v01b) - Galtanor Invasion Monster Addon

    The GinMon-RuneStorm script is a monster addon for Galtanors Invasion game type for UT3. The script integrates the following 21 monsters into invasion which are based on the character models made by RuneStorm (

    Skeletons (17):
    • Minion, Cybronic, Revenant, Jaws, Rocketeer, Bomber, Rebel Commando, Marine,
    • Grenadier, Shotgunner, ******, Gothic, Terminator, Hunter, Bombardist, Skirmisher

    Zombies (4):
    • Cadavres, Soldier, Psycho, Howler

    All monsters are melee monsters which will rip out the flesh from players bones by their bare hands. They usually come in hordes running all over you ... try to keep up your pace

    If you like the RuneStorm character models check out also the latest RuneStorm project Rooks Keep ... an UDK based deathmatch game type which is about to be released.


    Some screenshots taken during the heavily crowded RuneStorm undead invasion waves.

    Installation and Configuration
    1. The RSSkeleton and RSZombie character model packages made by RuneStorm must be obtained and installed separately (see download links below).

      Attention: To prevent normal players/bots from using skeleton or zombie character models (which could be quite confusing when having those characters also as monsters) do not install the included 'UTCustomChar.ini' files.

    2. Unzip the GinMon-RuneStorm*.zip package to your UT3 directory. The necessary directory structure is contained in the Zip package and will extract the script into the needed folder.

    3. Add Skeletons and Zombies to the monster list in 'UTGaltanorsInvasionMonsters.ini' and add wave configs to 'UTGaltanorsInvasionWaves.ini' (see templates in GinMon-RuneStorm.txt within the package). Add wave names to list of random waves in 'UTGaltanorsInvasion.ini'.

      Two wave configurations are included:
      • RuneStorm: 3 waves of melee hordes invasion.
      • RuneStorm_MAG: 21 waves each presenting one of the undead and on final wave for all.


    The GinMon-RuneStorm scripts are still beta. There are some known small issues which will be removed with a later release (hopefully). But there can also be unknown bugs. If you encounter any problem or if you have any suggestion for optimization, please, let me know.

    • RuneStorm: the Skeletons and Zombie character models have been created and made available for UT3 by RuneStorm ( All credit goes to the RuneStorm team who approved the use of their models for the invasion mod. Thx guys!
    • Galtanor: All the credits for the game type and the enhanced weapon classes go to Galtanor who implemented this great invasion mod for UT3.
    • Epic: Credits go to Epic for the game itself and for providing the means for game enhancements to the community.
    • Tester: Last but not least credits go to the GUTS online tester zafaltakie and falvis.

    Downloads (PC)

    Looks very nice, gonna check this out


      Wow, I love the new characters! Clearly, you put in a lot of time to make this!


        The character models are really awesome! They were not made by me ... just integrated them into invasion ... thought they would fit perfectly in this game type

        They were created by the RuneStorm team ( ... if you like it, there are more like them within the upcoming game Rooks Keep made by RuneStorm