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    For all people having troubles downloading things.... Open this link and click to the field as in the foto to get the map:


    THX a lot to you, i hope you have fun with the map

    Greetings, have a nice day

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    Hi !

    Please, the next time can you put your files on another means of download?

    Because the current program that you chose installs a whole lot of doubtful programs of which personally I did not want...

    For you :

    Thank you for your understanding.

    And thank you for your map.

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  • started a topic DM-NecrisReturns_BETA2


    DM-NecrisReturns_BETA2 (PC)

    (BETA2 13.3.2013)


    -Relative big map. Good for DM/TDM/BTA
    -No special story to say about it... may be the nanoblack with you...!


    -I was working very hard and very long on this map. Almost 3 years i spended on this (i had not always time to work on it)..
    -I wanted to build a map in necris look without that much shadows and effects (hope some of you will not be upset about it)
    -I think i will make a total new lighting for the next version, since i am not 100% happy with it. But the map is very good playable, i tried to fix so much for the gameplay i could.
    -Of course we will find some things to fix (i hope so ) and i will never stop till it is "perfect".
    -It costed me a lot of time and energy to build it, i really hope to see this map in some servers soon and i will wait for a feedback from the community!
    -Only with your help i can finish this work. I hope you can inform me about any errors, bugs, anything you dont like or think it could be better...

    I am looking forward!




    Waiting for comments and feedback, THX to the UT community! PS: Dont expect to much, i have fantasy but i am not good at all on the editor!
    Greetings: Carpe.Noctem