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    So finally i got my hands back on the map, has been quite a while since i last touched it, but here we go...
    -Edited Post Processing and DOF to appear more natural
    -Remade most of the collisions in the map
    -Remade some paths and added some Z-Axis-Gameplay-Options, even though they were more like improvised and still need to prove that they are useful and fun
    -Changed pickups
    -Added decoration at some spots
    -found a name - DM-Outskirts - if you got a nice idea for another name, please let me know
    Things that still need to be done:
    -Create a second "Intersection" between the two main parts of the map
    -Make gameplay fun

    I highly appreciate every kind of feedback, i want to get better at map-creation so please post anything that could be changed in your opinion.
    Sincerely, Leonard

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    Hello Leonard.

    If this is your first map, good start. You have a keen eye for terrain
    Please take a look at below points.

    - Lightning looks somehow abit uniform. Looks a bit weird with such a realistic floorplan.
    Raising the lightmaps will add some shadows to some points. Like coming from the screenshots, underneath some of the crates and deco geometry where lightning is supposed to fall in.
    If you dont know how to do it, take a look at my buddy Stevelois his tutorial on setting lightmaps: Lighting Vertex and Lightmap tutorial on BSP and SM by Stevelois
    In my opinion, dont raise it to everything above 8.0 with meshing, for the sake of performance issues.

    - Your meshes need a proper cut out BlockingVolume around each of them, to boost Wall Jump dodging, and prevent any collission issues.
    If you dont know how to, Stevelois also has a tutorial for this (Aaah his info is so good ): Build your own BV by Stevelois

    - The gameplay is.. OK.. There seems to be somehow a slight to almost none amount of Z-axis movement.. Which, is quite a disappointment if you want your level to have lots of options in terms of navigation. Especially in a Deathmatch environment. You might wanna add some more Z-axis movement to drastically increase the options you get as player moving around the map, as well as prevent spamming. (The minigun became a dominant weapon on this map) This is critical for deathmatch maps. You should try and look at some of the more advanced DM maps, and try and copy their layout, giving your own swing to it. That way, you will set the basis for yourself of how a good deathmatch map evolves. Heck, even I still have trouble with creating a balanced layout, but I always inspire myself by looking at other maps by the more advanced, professional builders.

    - Your post processing settings, for the terrain around the map, are way too high. The DOF is set too high, makes it look weird and unnatural, because your terrain is not that far away.

    Hope this helps,
    If you have any questions, or need any help, feel free to contact me
    Looking forward to some new progress!

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  • started a topic DM-Outskirts [Beta][Pics][Updated - v3]

    DM-Outskirts [Beta][Pics][Updated - v3]

    Name: DM_Outskirts
    Version: 3
    Compatibility: Maybe Titanpack, not sure.
    Description: Fighting in a small outskirts area
    Comments: Updated collisions, gameplay, appearance... Optimum player count: 6 in my opinion.



    Download: (updated links)
    I'd like to thank:
    -The UDN and the Epic Games Forum for helping me with the Unreal Engine
    -Epic Games for doing this awesome game
    -My brother for testing

    Feedback of any kind is highly appreciated.
    Sincerely, Leonard