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Unreal Crysis Cell ( nanosuits and weapons )

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    Unreal Crysis Cell ( nanosuits and weapons )

    Cell / Crysis Nanosuit 1 / crysis 2 NanoSuit 2.0 : D


    Video Demo:

    Halo Of Unreal Comming Zoon : P

    Is this legal?


      Hey ClumsyRecon, want you do trolling here, go way and **** off anyone other !!
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      anyway SKaa3w *bg* it's realy cool to take..
      Thank you very much for you work .. it's really nice !!!
      best regards to you SKaa3w


        Harsh words for a legit question.

        In general, EULAs (of other games/companies) prevent anyone reverse engineer a game (including content). I doubt Skaa3w is the original author or has the right to do it.

        Even the UT3 Eula prevents sharing such mods
        18. Editor and End‑User Mods.

        iii. Your Mods must not contain any libelous, defamatory, or other illegal material, material that is scandalous or invades the rights of privacy or publicity of any third party, nor may your Mods contain, or be used in conjunction with, any trademarks, copyright protected work, or other recognizable property of third parties, nor may your Mods be used by you, or anyone else, for any commercial exploitation including, but not limited to: (a) advertising or marketing for a company, product or service.


        Be aware that is might be against the rights of CRYTEK, so you might get in trouble distributing such content. You might be free to use it for your own pleasure.

        PS: @Blackcrack, next time be gentle.



          Community most of the contents are inspired; what is it necessary to conclude from it?

          I am not against the intellectual property, but since the product has non profit-making purpose and in limit of a mods, it should not be blocked... It is my opinion.

          When a mod resumes a commercial reference, it is (most of the time) a tribute and it should not be reprehensible.

          I think that the resumption of commercial elements is a practice accepted or at least tolerated as long as it remains correct (not offending), has non profit-making and moderate purpose.


            I hate the ridiculous and gay nanosuit model which
            also looks retardet misplaced and simply idiotic.
            Only the weapons may find a better use imo.

            P.S.: Maybe id use it if single arm pieces were
            changeable only UT3 simply doesnt allow this.


              this mod is free and fun and while this is not available and not notified me an anything as bad if podrimas case also think that the halo mod UT3 are bad if not crysis or just use custom models would then no char Mod ut3



                I would be very amazed that we rap over the knuckles to you, others pack of skins and models of Crysis and Halo was already made before yours.

                Similar for GOW. ->

                And other.......

                Nobody made annoyed by history of property intellectual... Thus you will not be annoyed.

                Thank you very much for your works.


                  Originally posted by RattleSN4K3 View Post
                  Harsh words for a legit question.


                  Originally posted by Kaal979 View Post
                  I hate the ridiculous and gay nanosuit model which
                  also looks retardet misplaced and simply idiotic.
                  Lucky you!! noone will force you to use it .....

                  @SKaa3w: thx for your work & for sharing...

                  ...peace & respect^^


                    Thanks xD
                    as I say before been researching this mod so if it's not comercio I gain nothing and the company is not going to lose
                    It is only costume skins and 3d models textures are not the originals reissued
                    and what are the mod do not think affecté to crytek since other games like GTA, L4D2 on Gmod with nantrajes
                    and seen despite UT mod on PS3 nanosuit saw so I decided to do mine

                    GTA4: ( sound and model)
                    L4d2: (model 3d)

                    I am a fan of the first EU since 1998 U1
                    I did nothing wrong and not to disturb a nonprofit company to what you would answer any mod sees this example as well as the case that many games cancel mod would cease to publish X game

                    blizzard xD
                    Unreal X actor Starcraft 2 nova :

                    also do not know how you suffer when you make a model of 0 it takes more than 13 hours ( Extact model in the game ) import 3d max 2010 inific UV textures map and Ensamble Skeletal UT3 , import UT3E , Skoket list and and finally Compiling UC

                    Dare touch on a version soon Celph and work on some flaws in the fingers of a user request, but for now the university has held me xD

                    thanks for the support n.n


                      yeah nice work........i also a fan from Unreal 1, but i also love Jazz Jack rabbit by Epic megagames, lol....


                        Originally posted by ClumsyRecon View Post
                        Is this legal?
                        In your opinion...?

                        Just enjoy UT3 modding and stop asking dumb questions -_-


                          I supposed that ClumsyRecon is from the UDK, instead of UT3, but don't ask any explicit questions about copyright/intellectual property if you *are* in the UDK (NOT UT3).