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GinGUTS (v033b) - A patch for Galtanors Invasion V022

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    GinGUTS (v033b) - A patch for Galtanors Invasion V022

    GinGUTS is an effort to make Galtanors Invasion a little bit more compatible with the latest UT3 versions 2.x. And perhaps, by the way fixing some slight bugs and/or getting some little more features in.

    GinGUTS is just a patch and does not include the Galtanors Invasion mod. Galtanors Invasion Version 0.22 must be already installed. All credits for the great invasion mod goes to Galtanor who developed this mod some time ago.

    Main GinGUTS Modifications
    • Voting Menu in online games fully working again
    • Changed Scoreboard based on UT3's default Scoreboard with additional infos about wave name and number of waves. Scoreboard has also got a new autofit function to show all players and shows also an out player bar.
    • Admin console commands "NewGin <InvasionName>" and "RandomGin" to choose a specific or random invasion wave configuration. Both commands can only be executed before the invasion has begun.
    • Random wave selection no longer depends on manual RandomWaveList but on all found invasion wave configurations. To exclude a configuration the new wave config option 'bIgnoreInRandomList' has to be set to 'true'.
    • Exclusion of mutators with known incompatibilities (e.g. UTHero)
    • Some bug fixing of monsters and weapons

    Screenshot of the new default scoreboard with wave config name, number of waves, and out bar:

    GinGUTS Wave Configs

    The GinGUTS Configs package (see download section below) contains several addon wave configurations beside the default wave configs from Galtanors Invasion: DEFAULT, RODENTS, and SKELETONS. GinGUTS addon wave configurations:
    • Heavyduty: 12 waves similar to the default wave config but consisting of different stock monsters.
    • Genuine: 12 waves where each wave contains monsters of the same class (Bots, Beasts, Monkeys, ...)
    • Apalachin: 4 waves where each wave contains monsters of all classes. Starting with easy monsters and going harder wave by wave.
    • Smite: 3 waves of Smite monsters with melee round, divine attack round and finally all together.
    • LotR: One wave to destroy them all ... with Lord of the Ring monsters
    • Bugs: 6 waves of bugs and spiders.
    • Monkeys: 9 waves where each round includes some monkeys.
    • ZenothHordes: 12 waves of total mayhem. Created by Zenoth and published on the Galtanors Invasion forum (slighty modified).
    • GinMonHordes: 12 waves of GinMon mayhem. Adaptation of ZenothHordes using GinMon addon monsters only.
    • Runestorm: 3 waves of melee hordes invasion: zombies, skeletons, alltogether.

    There are also the following Meet'n'Greet wave configurations defined which introduces each monster per wave.
    • DEFAULT_MAG: 52 waves each presenting one of the stock monsters including also Dollbomb and Demogorgon.
    • LOTR_MAG: 5 waves presenting the Lord of the Ring monsters and one final wave for all (including Demogorgon).
    • SMITE_MAG: 8 waves presenting the Smite monsters and one final wave for all.
    • RUNESTORM_MAG: 21 waves each presenting one of the undead and on final wave for all.

    GinGUTS Monster Addons (GinMon)

    Galtanors Invasion comes with over 50 monsters already and can be extended with custom monsters. By now, GinGUTS introduces the following addon monsters (separate GinMon download packages):
    • GinMon-LotR: 5 monsters from the Lord of the Rings (Uruk'hai, Balrog, Sauron)
    • GinMon-Smite: 8 divine monsters (Anhur, Minotaur, Anubis, Sobek, Kali, Hel, Ra, Zeus)
    • GinMon-Runestorm: 21 melee skeletons and zombies from RuneStorm


    The GinGUTS patch is still beta. There are some known issues which will be removed with a later release (hopefully). But there can also be unknown bugs. Please, do not blame anyone else but me if you encounter any bug which might have been introduced with this patch. If you encounter any problem or if you have any suggestion for optimization, please, let me know.

    • Galtanor: All the credits for the game type and the enhanced weapon classes go to Galtanor who implemented this great invasion mod for UT3.
    • Euchreplayer: for rigging up the monster models of the GinMon monster addon packages.
    • RuneStorm: all credit for the skeleton and zombie models goes to the RuneStorm team.
    • Zenoth: for providing the vicious wave configuration of the Zenoth Hordes.
    • Epic: Credits go to Epic for the game itself and for providing the means for game enhancements to the community.
    • Tester: Last but not least credits go to the GUTS online tester zafaltakie and falvis

    Downloads (PC)

    The GinGUTS patch will overwrite some original files from Galtanors Invasion v022 when unpacking into the UT3 game directory. The game type Galtanors Invasion is not included within this package and must be already installed (see provided links).

    Monster Addons (PC)

    The default Galtanors Invasion Mod includes monsters of several factions (bots, beasts, bugs, rodents mouse and bunnys, spiders, skeletons, skulls, monkeys, golems). The following packages include 36 addon monsters.

    The GinMon script packages contain the necessary scripts and ressources needed for integration into Galtanors Invasion. The models are not included in the GinMon packages and must be installed beforehand (Attention: to prevent normal players/bots from using monster character models do not install the included 'UTCustomChar.ini' files).

    click on link 502 Bad Gateway that what i get


      Got this too ... Dont know whats up with gamefront Or the net at the moment ... But I got through on the second click ... could you try again?


        it works !!!


          reupload anyone?


            Yep! Link updated!


              GinGUTS (v034pre)

              Currently working on a GinGUTS update with some more features and bugfixes ... it seems as it will take some more time to get it all straight ... here the current work in progress with some slight gameplay changes ... if somebody is still playing this mod I would appreciate any feedback. Besides general bug fixes the main new features so far:
              • finetuning of the collision components of all stock monsters
              • enhanced vehicle resistance of the bigger monsters (cannot be run over as easy as before)
              • enhanced bot AI to always go for the hunt of some monsters (in Galtanors Invasion v022 it seems that bots were not aware of the radar and only hunted monsters which were in line-of-sight. Now also bots do have radar sight as players do.)
              • changed default monster start points to 'everywhere' (i.e. in team based games like warfare the monsters and players used blue and red base as starting points; now players/bots are using the defined starting points of the map and monsters can appear everywhere on the map)
              • enhanced monster AI to always find some worthy prey
              • EXPERIMENTAL: forcing monsters to always hunt players (in many maps the bigger monsters are too big in order to find a path to players/bots and so they got stuck; now if that happens the collision component of the monsters gets reduced for some limited time in order to find a path to the enemy)

              These changes were ment to get more drive into the gameplay ... if someone would like to give it a try, some bigger warfare map like Torlan and the ZenothHordes wave config would be a good starter (with activated hoverboard and vehicles).

              Download (PC): GinGUTS (v034pre) (GinGUTS v033 must be already installed)


                Excellent, but somme bugs exists

                Excellent mod! different waves works well, but I found two bugs with 0.33 or pre034 release:
                - The radar does not appear
                - When there are monsters robots, my character teleports constantly, as if respawn with other monsters.

                is it possible to fix those bugs?


                  The missing radar seems to be some mutator incompatibility ... will have a look into this ... thanks for the bug report!

                  The teleporting bot is a special feature from Galtanor ... AttackBot003 specialty is switching location with attacker when only damaged and not killed ... usually it also inflicts some damage from your own projectile to yourself ... better to choose the attack weapon wisely on those guys ...


                    Originally posted by donaldo View Post
                    The missing radar seems to be some mutator incompatibility ... will have a look into this ... thanks for the bug report!

                    The teleporting bot is a special feature from Galtanor ... AttackBot003 specialty is switching location with attacker when only damaged and not killed ... usually it also inflicts some damage of your own projectile to yourself ... better to choose the attack weapon wisely on those guys ...
                    I did not know this feature with these "monsters robots", but in vanilla version, these robots are not present (configuration waves).

                    other than that, most of the bugs encountered in the original version of galtanor are fixed, especially AI (bots and monsters) Huge difference !
                    HUD is improved (by pressing F1 key), the voting functionality works, waves of monsters are much more varied, and also more difficult, especially bosses and "monsters fire"

                    Big thank you for this awesome mod.

                    I'd do further tests to see if there are no bugs

                    I use the 0.34pre version.


                      Sounds like the next 0.34 version is really what we were all looking for. I really can't wait to see the new Ai in action!


                        Great mod!
                        With the vehicles really has become more fun )
                        Too bad that there is no preview image for the menu selection of game modes.


                          this mod is compatible with easyRPG, so this is perfect.
                          Especially BattleRPG has an annoying bug: when increasing the competence, skills effect are updated only when you die, or when you leave and return to the game.
                          With EasyRPG, when you increase skills, effects are immediate.


                            Thanks for the feedback ... glad you enjoy the modifications please, let me know if you encounter any bugs or if you have any more feature ideas


                              Originally posted by Valex07 View Post
                              Too bad that there is no preview image for the menu selection of game modes.
                              It's missing ... alright ... for now you could add a stock preview image manually:
                              • open UTGaltanorsInvasion.ini
                              • find the line
                              • replace that line with

                              ... that should do the trick ...