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WAR-TanglewoodLost [Beta] [Pics]

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    WAR-TanglewoodLost [Beta] [Pics]

    Version: Beta 1
    Compatibility: PC Only. Shouldn't require titan etc.

    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]
    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]

    Description: Medium/Large warfare level for 10-18 players. Tanglewood Lost is an ancient forest wetland with large, twisted trees, the canopy almost blocking out the sky. Once inhabited now all that remains is scattered ruins and architecture built around the trees themselves. The two tournament teams fight for control over the wetland and the Lightning Temple at the its heart.

    Comments: Needs general testing, its been a rather large project for me and I'm sure there are heaps of rough edges. Bot pathing has been a continuing hassle. Hope you enjoy playing it!

    Currently working on:
    - Powercore destroy cutscenes.
    - Lightning Temple (coundown node) effects.
    - Stupid bots
    - Tweaking minimap placement


    I wanted to say that I found the pics very nice, the level have a very nice fairy / magical effect

    I'm not a WAR player but I'll try it. Maybe I can give some feedback if there is something I can found


      i would love to play a new warfare map but unfortunately, ill have to put it on hold..

      *Your green and blue colour scheme is working very well and that fog looks spot on for the atmosphere

      - i will say that it looks interesting; and ill D/L it and store it on my HDD until i can test it.

      - Cheers for the work, makes me really want to go back to WAR mapping

      - when your map is done, if you able to - maybe bump up the tessalation of the terrain, and then re-smooth it a litttle; [and check your materials havent altered the look.]]- This may help with your AI;

      -It is sometimes helpful to press "C" in editor [ShowFlag- Collision]; this will make it easier to see where bot paths are experiencing heigh adjustments issues/ path finding.
      - combining "C" with "P" obviously, and you should be able to erradicate any path issues.
      - use pickups for priority places to increase bot intelligence and to minimise paths and ensure vehicle width is considered for vehicle paths.

      - something i see alot of mappers ignore bot pathing -Forcing Paths + prosciribing paths; and this sometimes makes or breaks a maps AI compatibility

      Again; ty for the release- i only wish i could test it


        Very beautiful map

        I like it !

        Many thanks for these map.

        It a little reminds me this map :


        I contacted the designer of this magnificent map, so that he to create a link of download and here is its answer :

        hello, map was never released, its project was halted since 2010...

        80% complete fully playable just some assets missing (few rocks and cliff models) with some basic balance for Warfare.

        at this time there is no ETA to finish this map, and if there will be, it will be completely remade (current map is very hard on performance because of large view distance quad core 3GHZ + HD4870x2 = 35FPS at 1440x900)

        Arf !.......

        I have a powerful computer and an ASUS Mars II in graphics card, the power to put on this map is not a problem for me but he have not create of link of download.

        Maybe that If we are many to ask him, he will make it ......

        I invite you to post him a demand, it will be really a pity to lose a map as this one.



          This map is so fresh and nice that I would like a lot ( logically when you could have time to finish it) to see in my collection. i do like those shaped tree from the terrain it does looks great, a question Im not sure the lights settings it is a turning night map or fall evening or so? Maybe it does looks a bit oversaturated the blue enviroment ( maybe is my though ).

          The weapon settings is very finemaybe you could add some indicator if you are entering in blue or red zone dunno.

          Anyway dude dont let this great map to leave in the box there is not much warfare mapping and I do like a lot map like this so fresh so "new" keep mapping!


            Thanks for the feedback so far.

            @DarkSonny07 It's meant to be stormy/overcast lighting. Wanted to keep the murky jungle-like atmosphere. Don't worry, I fully intend to finish it.

            @TKBS Thanks for the tips, I will use them!


              Where is located the Rl? I only can see the item rl weapon


                Rocket Launcher spawns at the middle node in the cave, that's the only place you can get it at the moment. There's a few ammo caches hidden around the map that contain ammo for it as well.


                  Just a little post to suggest that if you post this map to GOW, you might receive precious additional feedback


                    good WAR map

                    The woods are lonely, dark and deep but I have promises to keep and many maps to review before I sleep. It’s a magical forest map which can be good and bad, but in this case it is all good. I don’t play WAR that often, but here’s the rest of the review anyway. I like the flowing water, waterfalls, green everywhere, statues, dirt paths, magical trees that grow in air, roots, eerie music, fungus, falling leaves, stairs, jumppads and item placement. The gameplay was decent, but I think this one needs more flying vehicles.


                      Thanks for the mini-review SkaarjMaster. I didn't add flying vehicles because there's a lot of trees/branches that would get in the way. I figure it would be more frustrating than fun to try and be a pilot in this particular case. I'll keep that suggestion in mind, perhaps I'll release a few different versions.

                      Still working on additional polish, I'll post an update soon(TM)


                        Lookin forward to the final release mate this map rocks!