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Michael Barrick help

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  • Michael Barrick help

    I created an custom Michael Barrick and I need someone to rig him and cook him for ps3, I already created him

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    what does a person have too do to get feedback on forums sights


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      Not bad at all. U made this?


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        yes going to work on his cog suit finish brushing him up then we are set to go


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          Sorry for rapid posting on this topic, But am in desperate need for someone that know how to create characters, for this Michael Barrick is finished got to post recent pictures and also I have completely ripped Tai Kaliso and Dizzy(w/ hat) from Gears of wars 2, with all these models I can't make a character all because I can't find a good tutorial for 3ds max to complete a character could somebody help me out or recommend some accurate character tutorials for me

          P.S. I also have weapons models that I extracted like the flamethrower(scorcher), Boomshot, the Locust Clever, Boltock Pistol, GatlingGun, TorqueBow, Gnasher, Sniper rifle(Long Shot), Lancer, Hammerburst, and more but with models i don't have the knowledge to create a weapon could someone help me create these since I already have models just need guides on how to do it and I have seen a few but they did not help me out and I know a few people know how to do this please somebody help..!