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Unreal [X]Weapons [Update 2.0]

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    Sexy f*****g work dude! nicely done the linghtnin gun and chainsaw O.O


      Direct mirror added:;x]Weapons.rar


        2 New weapons i might be able to add: (sortv'e)
        • UT2004_SpiderGun
          ^^ I have'nt exported the model or attempted it yet, code is incomplete, but it works and then i decided to do this...
        • Nali Cow Launcher
          ^^ currently same as the SpiderGun with the obvious exception
          ^^Just for giggles; I would like this to be a Redeemer type projectile but i can't get the animations working.
          ^^ i can only get single animations to work, not ones that have multiple.
          - saving separate animations to separate animsets i can reference in code, but no idea how to put multiple animation references form the same Animset to the code.

        Short Clip/ Video:

        • i only posted it prematurely hoping someone would like to help.
        • This was a 1 hr random idea today.
        • if anybody wants to help that would be appreciated

        Other Old Unreal Weapons that could be added:
        • LPS Released the Dispersion Pistol & AutoMag , its on the forums.

        Unreal BKGrnd/Desktop:
        [See attachment]
        * ^^ I bought All Unreal games for less than £5
        Attached Files


          Great !

          Many thanks ^_^.


            UT2004 MineLayer:



              Thanks !


                Is the MineLayer fully functional? The video does not show the laster-guiding feature? The animation is also missing. Should be polished a bit. Looks like you make some progress in porting old content .


                  Is the MineLayer fully functional?
                  No, no yet sorry, but im getting better.
                  the code
                  looks for a new instigator to get attacked by the spider every time one is in range, but i see no tick function or when this happens
                  known issue:
                  If you die you get hit by your own spider (but not on first touch), so its buggy to say the least, i guess range overrides owner or no owner is present after death.

                  so i need to output the initial owner and some how record this info, which i will look at when i can.
                  the animations
                  im happy with the weapon load, weapon put down, i am also now more comfortable with animations (outside of the engine), much better than the previous attempts.
                  * Am i missing some animations? (other than reload)

                  My intentions:
                  • a) either close to the original OR
                  • b) primary as a still or "idle"mine, alt fire as a "chaser"

                  • I will check longbow Src & the original mine layer Src. See if i can get AltFire to be the LongBow AltFire.

                  P.S. the Longbow does this anyway, this code was built using UT3 i haven't looked at the Original code - but i suppose it would be nice to do this - especially for a weapon swap & HUD placement .


                    What about the UT99 Rocket Launcher? Would be nice to have at least the same firing methods


                      The weapon you are requesting was never finished by myself, the reason is because this project became intrinsically linked with the UT2004 project [2341] to port the old weapons.

                      You can, however, download the Eightball version by ZippyDSMlee, you may have to search for it.
                      - in the OP you can see the Eightball launcher listed; i just never released it.

                      If i recall correctly the code/ whole weapon worked fine although thorough testing and DMG value tweaks were needed.

                      Now everything worked on by myself has become part of a much larger project, you can see alot of activity relating to this project spread across many forums or in my Signature below ↓↓↓

                      P.s if you find the files from the 7yr old thread you necro-bumped then please post a link to it


                        Is there any kind of mutator, that displays a Dispersion Pistol and the Automag in official/custom maps?


                          link is dead.


                            @Vato3001 : Thanks for your interest

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                            Download Link:
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