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CTF-Reclaimation Beta

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    CTF-Reclaimation Beta



    Compatibility:Titan Patch or later.

    Description:Abandoned Necris encampment, being reclaimed by nature.

    Comments:This is a beta and all critiques and suggestions are more than welcome! I threw together the blocking volumes so there might be gaps till I clean them up, I am thinking of adding more paths over the rocks for z-axis play(like the stairway by the blue base). I also realize the red path to the shock is a bit longer than the blue path to shock, maybe i should move the base over a bit?

    help me test it! And enjoy!






    Please test it out!


    Looks nice. Good to know that you release this map a beta in public. Downloading first.


      i know it is a bit unfair to comment without testing;
      ** but some input from the available images ...

      * Are your screenshots taken on Low settings?-
      i think maybe just my eyes are not working lol

      Post Processing
      ... 1. looks like you need to add PP- or it could be bumped a bit.

      2. "reclaimed by nature"-- then add more nature
      {suggestions}- try a deco layer on your terrain; a foliage factory; a foliage volume or more grass mesh.

      - i would make a simple shader that uses "A Linear Interpolate" something like this.
      the (A) of your default textures, [lets say necris Pillar]
      (B) of some nature "moss/ ivy/ etc" and
      (Alpha) something with "Noise" or a maybe mossy feel in your alpha channel- to blend the two textures.

      - it all looks stock materials; - but it looks nice... just overlay some vegetation using a method like i described
      3. Terrain needs a little bump; a normal layer- change "-1" to {"1"}
      - and ofc - i will make proper comments when i have played the map
      - i would say change you normal layer so it is "Normal layer = 3"

      * i tested the map and changed the above comments to suit.
      - looks like it could be a nice map


        Good map



          another nice and necris ctf map to my "buchaca" (bag) thats is a great novelty to be true keein in mind there is fewer maps that dm ones


            Nice map bah. needs jump boots. I kept getting stuck in rocks and looked like stranded under the boat lolsong! Was good. My graphics are set really low so I did not get to see all the eye candy. From what i seen the skybox looked big? maybe 2 launchpads one on each roof :P

            bahmee ftw


              cool beta so far

              needs author name in preview shot; like the trees (esp. twisting ones), falling leaves, rocks, domes, buildings, waterfalls, skybox, crystals, colored-light indicators and Necris influence; good CTF gameplay and I like the middle route between the bases with the berserk pickup; I like the slightly different looking bases, but the bots could be better.


                hey dude! how its going with this mapping?


                  i am here requesting haxburger :+)


                    Originally posted by geronaho View Post
                    i am here requesting haxburger :+)
                    Once I get some good amount of content done, Ill start showing images soon. Luv ya Ger!


                      Hey bah_mee is this map finished? I would love to see this great map finished to add for my collection as a diehard ut fan lol



                        The map has been updated with jump boots, collision and other things check it out.

                        First page links to new version.


                          Before this goes final, I have to be that guy ... R-e-c-l-a-m-a-t-i-o-n

                          why english you spell so funny never I will know

                          <3 Bah, superpurty funmap



                            Fair enough! I will recommence with the reclamation of my maps reclaiming theme.

                            expect update soon!


                              Okay Updated, same Mediafire link on first post.