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    @ approx "9:40'ish" you use a bio-rifle that fires grenades.
    - Is this the grenade launcher from the Crucible pack?
    I used the bio-grenade launcher in ONSLAUGHT 2.0
    This is unique and pleasant weapon.

    Thanks for the quick fix!!
    The ammunition infinite supply problem was solved.
    Now, I can set up powerful weapons in weapon lockers.
    Thanks a lot!

    I require MapName for the AddThisStuff because the coordinate specified for the pickup may not be located in playable areas of all maps, would be floating in space, halfway in wall, etc.
    Although this is only my personal opinion, I think those situations are also interesting.
    If super items and others has floated in the space, I would like to collect them by translocator or vehicles.
    It seems to interesting like a treasure hunt.

    Presently, thought, you may use Eliot's MutXmasPresents mutator to add weapons randomly to all maps with pathnodes:
    I tested xmaspresent mutator on my server before.
    However, it brought about lag at the first spawn time of custom weapons.
    Therefore, I did not use a xmaspresent.

    It seemed that loading of custom weapons had occurred simultaneously with spawn of xmas presents.
    And, I noticed that custom weapons were not loaded before the match starts.

    Probably, your pickup switcher loads custom weapons before match starts.
    I expected that lag will not occur in this case.

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  • replied
    Edit: I will upload to a host which allows .zip uploads so you don't have teach your computer the file extension and link to the new upload in the other thread. Messed up my previous attempt to link on gamefront in this thread.

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  • replied
    I checked the file when posting. and again today; it can be renamed to or saved as .zip to change the file extension and it is a valid file. Here is a more convenient upload (which may expire.)

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  • replied
    Thanks NickG but renaming the "rws.text" file doesn't work for me, i tried it when you published it, it just says corrupt file. Although im probably just stupid and doing it wrong.

    - i am not sure if i should have posted this here, or in the other thread, i suppose it doesn't matter. It's just us guys here anyway

    i think Unreal is killing me. i really do.

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    NakajimaYusuke; I require MapName for the AddThisStuff because the coordinate specified for the pickup may not be located in playable areas of all maps, would be floating in space, halfway in wall, etc. I could add a function to default a pickup to a central pathnode, but even this is not ideal for many maps. Presently, thought, you may use Eliot's MutXmasPresents mutator to add weapons randomly to all maps with pathnodes:

    This SDPS version should correct the locker behavior, and you may set timer for all lockers, or per pickups set, as explained in the my new example .ini file. Also you will see that you need to replace "SuperDuperPickupSwitcher." with "SDPS." in your config file, as it is written in my new example .ini file:

    TKBS; you may find interesting my modification of some script RattleSn4k3 started on the forum; allowing some configurable options for default inventory, random and not. I've posted it here as a zip renamed to txt:

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  • replied
    "Warlord's RandomDrop"
    • i never new this existed, its perfect for my NDI (new default inventory)
    • i wonder what other cool stuff i have missed?

    i see your using the 8ball launcher

    • @ approx "9:40'ish" you use a bio-rifle that fires grenades.

    - Is this the grenade launcher from the Crucible pack?
    ^^that would help me with the mod
    angel mapper passed permission for me to make/finish (that i never finished)

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  • replied
    Thank you for the update. I tried this mutator today.

    It is considerate that this mutator can adjust RetimedSpawn.
    I can increase the spawning interval of strong weapons or items.
    And, I would shorten the spawning interval of weak weapon or items.

    "AddThisStuff" is very flexible function.
    As far as I know, UT3 mutator which can put an item on a map directly is only this.

    However, in order to use this function, I have to specify a mapname for every items.
    I felt this somewhat troublesome. (Because, my server has too many maps.)

    Modifiable weaponlockers is a feature that was most impressed me in this update.
    By using this weaponlockers, I can increase considerably the kind of weapon that is placed in the map.

    I tried to change all weapon spawn points in a map into weaponlockers. (all weapon lockers has different weapons.)

    However, the big issue occurred. Please see this video.

    Weapon locker always gives me ammunition. Is this a bug?
    In my view, "RetimedSpawn" seems invalid for weaponlocker.

    Regardless of the value of RetimedSpawn="", weaponlocker always supplied ammunition.
    No matter what value I might input into RetimedSpawn="", weaponlocker always gave me his ammunition.
    Under the present circumstances, weaponlocker will be able to be used infinitely.

    Thank you for the wonderful update.
    And, I expect the next update.

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  • replied
    Updated with some things. I've lost track of my actor-specific+map-specific work, may include it in later build.
    -added weapon lockers support, see ini file ;;;comments for how to specify weapons/deployables sets
    -respawn time adjustment capability added (must use my subclasses or make your own with same function)
    -added raw pickup addition capability to add pickups in specified positions per map (not sure if I had this in former version)
    -adjusted ammo limit for the included limited instagib rifle (nice super weapon replacement)
    -included a 3-charge limited jumpboot which works ok on multijump mutators which cause the 255-charge bug, and a regular version for those who like the bug or play w/o multijump.
    -I am unsure if I ever released my version with actor-specific removals; it is not supported in this build, map-specific stuff is still here.
    I guess these forums no longer support zip uploads? Get it here:
    I may have to fix some stuff for online anyway...

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  • replied
    I uploaded the video of Instant Action using this Mutator.

    Mutators used for this video is these three.
    The Crucible MOD
    Warlord's RandomDrop

    Many kinds of weapons and items have appeared.
    I have enjoyed the choice of weapon.
    For an MOD weapons lover like me, this Mutator is very convenient and very thankful.
    I expect update of this Mutator.

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  • replied
    Originally posted by NakajimaYusuke View Post
    This is a very great Mutator!
    I think if this mutator can change vehicles to weapons and items, it will be more wonderful.
    I want to change some vehicles to items.
    I want to change some vehicles to deployables.
    I already have implemented things like vehicle replacement. I gave him the snippet from that code. However, i think NickG is a bit busy to implement these features.

    Originally posted by NakajimaYusuke View Post
    This is a very great Mutator!
    And, please add a "random replacing function".
    I want to change one item into multiple items by random.
    Nice idea.
    This mutator needs to be as highly customizable as possible.
    I always dislike the way of creating modifications of various maps by just replacing/removing some items. This forces people to have another 15-60 MB diskspace of basically the same map (like the maps of the thread TKBs quoted).

    Most of the request features are available and implement in other mtuators. It can be easily added to this mutator.

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  • replied
    i was looking for a mutator to remove all vehicles- and i found this....

    - also this thread...
    ^^ people wanted the translocator for vctf maps
    - so i made the game type [facepalm]- then in some funky round about way - ended up reading this thread....

    - i think the Pickup replacer + TLCTF will solve all the requests from these three threads. [hopefully] lol
    - everything except; - can you use "Giveinventory"- instead of "replace"

    - i dont want to substitute weapons; i would just like to give inventory [if that makes sense]

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  • replied
    This is a very great Mutator!

    This Mutator is able to increase the kind of weapons in the map.
    The variation of the battle became rich because many weapons appeared in the map.

    I changed all ammo pickups to weapon pickups.
    And,I changed weapon pickups to Runestorm CrucibleWeapon pickups.

    I tried this.

    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_Avril",NewC lassPath="UTGameContent.UTWeap_Avril_Content",NewC lassType="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_BioRifle_Co ntent",NewClassPath="UTGameContent.UTWeap_BioRifle _Content",NewClassType="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_FlakCannon" ,NewClassPath="UTGame.UTWeap_FlakCannon",NewClassT ype="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_LinkGun",Ne wClassPath="UTGame.UTWeap_LinkGun",NewClassType="W EAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_RocketLaunc her",NewClassPath="UTGame.UTWeap_RocketLauncher",N ewClassType="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_ShockRifle" ,NewClassPath="UTGame.UTWeap_ShockRifle",NewClassT ype="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_Stinger",Ne wClassPath="UTGame.UTWeap_Stinger",NewClassType="W EAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_SniperRifle ",NewClassPath="UTGame.UTWeap_SniperRifle",NewClas sType="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_Enforcer",N ewClassPath="CxGame.CxWeap_Melee",NewClassType="WE APON")

    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTWeap_Avril_Conte nt",NewClassPath="CxGame.CxWeap_Pistol",NewClassTy pe="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTWeap_BioRifle_Co ntent",NewClassPath="CxGame.CxWeap_Grenade",NewCla ssType="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTWeap_Enforcer",N ewClassPath="CxGame.CxWeap_Pistol",NewClassType="W EAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTWeap_FlakCannon" ,NewClassPath="CxGame.CxWeap_Shotgun",NewClassType ="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTWeap_LinkGun",Ne wClassPath="CxGame.CxWeap_Lightninggun",NewClassTy pe="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTWeap_RocketLaunc her",NewClassPath="CxGame.CxWeap_RocketLauncher",N ewClassType="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTWeap_ShockRifle" ,NewClassPath="CxGame.CxWeap_AssaultRifle",NewClas sType="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTWeap_Stinger",Ne wClassPath="CxGame.CxWeap_Machinegun",NewClassType ="WEAPON")
    ReplaceThisStuff=(OldClassName="UTWeap_SniperRifle ",NewClassPath="CxGame.CxWeap_SniperRifle",NewClas sType="WEAPON")

    I think if this mutator can change vehicles to weapons and items, it will be more wonderful.
    I want to change some vehicles to items.
    I want to change some vehicles to deployables.

    And, please add a "random replacing function".
    I want to change one item into multiple items by random.

    For example,
    I want to change "HealthVial" to "HealthVial or MediumHealth or SuperHealth".
    I want to change "Helmet" to "Helmet or Thighpads or Vest or ShieldBelt".

    Thank you for the wonderful mutator.

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  • replied
    okay, updated the link. I do not know if this will ever have full compatibility with bots. I still need to read a bit to see what is feasible, what is accessible at run time.

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  • replied
    Cool, thanks for your hard work making this mod so configurable.
    I did test the older version, it seems AI are avoiding the new pickup (DM-Deck). Is it going to be AI compatible?
    I'm going to test out the new update. Thanks again.

    edit: I can't DL the attachment, got an error.

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  • replied
    Hi, here is my latest build/source. Careful folks, I've not even renamed it, so don't put it on any server without building from source with new name. For personal experimentation/use, just overwrite the .u file;
    NewClassType= handler is gone. It is no longer necessary and will no longer work lest you script it back in for some reason (building this up into an adder rather than just a replacer, for example.)
    MapName= specifier works like this:
    in the above example, playing Deck we get a spidermine pickup instead of redeemer pickup, playing Rails we get my ammo-limited subclass of instagib rifle instead of redeemer and udamage on the boat instead of invisibility, playing all other maps we get a udamage instead of redeemer pickup. The MapName specifier is case-insensitive but be warned it is not always = filename-minus-extension. It can be viewed in webadmin, worldinfo in editor, utmaplists.ini, and some other places.
    I can try to explain the hierarchy further, but hopefully the above example should suffice. Just know that the mutator may replace the oldclass with the newclass of any generic set you have included (w/o mapname) if the MapName cannot be found. IF one were to add two lines with same oldclassname , generic or map-specific, like:
    he or she may receive less predictable results (may even crash, but the latest value in the array should take precedence in this case).

    I have introduced some kismet tests in this build. They should be off by default if I did not overlook something (highly likely, still in ┬┐rapid? early development) You should be able to enable them by setting ,bDoSomeKismets="True") in the array, or, if I messed up, they will happen anyway. Some properties may propagate to kismet without my interference, also. I am still exploring possibilities here, will probably have to employ some actions to kill some sequences linked to the original pickups in some cases and/or even replace some sequences with script-behavior on a conditional basis, later. Simple Things, like PickupStatusChange->Taken should work presently. I cannot presently remember why weapon pickups do not activate the "available" outputlink of a pickupstatuschange. It has been a while.

    Spawned Pickups should now be scaled,rotated,based and attached, and properly movable/moving. when replacing others. If this is not the case for some replacements (haven't taken time to test all, yet), please inform me. I opted not to forward some properties such as relativerotation,relativelocation,drawscale3d,phys ics, as I've yet to see an example in which these are utilized but unuse may not be the case.

    NUTWeaponPickupFactory should now be movable as above, and now spawns with a default weapon if the newclasspath is invalid, same goes for NUTDeployablePickupFactory, spawns a slowvolume or something, if newclasspath becomes invalid. These two are the classes which will spawn when ~NewClassPath="SomeWeaponBasePath.SomeWeapon" ,or ~NewClassPath="SomeDeployableBasePath.SomeDeployab le, respectively. I added two weapon classes which can be spawned, "SuperDuperPickupSwitcher.NUTWeap_Enforcer" - just to to include pickup mesh, and, "SuperDuperPickupSwitcher.NUTWeap_InstagibRifl e", to include pickup mesh (no fancies) and employ an ammo limit (used as powerup, maybe too unbalanced for normal gametypes, as-is)
    The remainder of classes included by me which can be spawned as newclass can be viewed in source folder, I have added no other new ones, but I have removed the two dummy classes.

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