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Ron Perlman Voice Pack for UT3 v0.1 Beta [PC]

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    Ron Perlman Voice Pack for UT3 v0.1 Beta [PC]

    Ron Perlman Voice Pack for Unreal Tournament 3
    Version/Release Date: 0.1 Beta – February 08, 2012 (GMT+8, 10:46 AM)

    This is a voice pack of the American film and voice actor Ron Perlman for UT3. This VP includes only the character Johner, one tough space pirate from the 1997 film Alien Resurrection that this is a BETA release; but still the mod is incomplete yet, more samples for him may vary to the next release of the VP, I'll sure that it takes something new for a bit. No TV shows or video games are recorded from him because I was too compromised to get the work done, only movies are more recommended for me to do so. This may will be open for public testing and feedback. Happy fragging!

    "My own recipe. Way more dangerous."
    "Hey, Vriess, you got a socket wrench? Maybe she just needs an oil change."

    8 Acknowledgments
    14 Friendly Fires
    4 Encouragements
    15 Other/Miscellaneous
    25 Taunts

    Things on my to-do list:
    More Samples From His Other Movies / HTML ReadMe File / Taunt Animation Sounds / PS3 Cook (I don't have a PS3 yet, test it at your own risk)

    Simply extract it from the RAR archive to the directory below (different paths for Windows platform):

    XP: C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3
    7/Vista: C:\Users\(username)\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3

    Once installed, you will find the character 'Ron Perlman' in the "Iron Guard" faction.
    To get the best out of the voice pack, set as a team bot or player. This way at least you'll hear the taunts from the team bot.

    * Myself for creating this voice pack.
    * Notepad++ for the artificial text/source code editing software.
    * The folks at GoldWave for the excellent sound recording and editing software.
    * Media Player Classic for the coolest and fastest (but tiny) video software.


    Ron Perlman Voice Pack v0.1 Beta

    Do NOT distribute this voice pack to somewhere else. Also, I will not create some mirror(s) either. The progress is a BETA release.



      Thanks LordBret. Glad you like it. Sorry for almost bumping. Well, I would have planning to do updating this voice pack something sooner or later.


        Bump! One download link of this VP added: my new homepage (replacing 4shared, unavailable).
        Planning with the updated version of this VP very soon (by 2014 and beyond, tbh).