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Team Stealth Jumbo UT3 Pack (aka the Mass Map Pack) [Pics] [Beta]

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    Wow I still haven't done that? Huh, thought I had. Well, that will be done very soon. It is still possible that it can be compatible with crucible hammer but is very unlikely. I'll see if I can get any 'official' answer from those at epic games.


      Here's a few screenshots, also showcasing a few of the specific maps created for the weapon. (Bespin #1) (Malachor V #1) (Mustafar #2)


        There is thus some hope.........

        Woaw........ The lightsaber is just magnificent.... Good work....

        I look forward to testing it.

        Many thanks for all.


          could you release a mutator with just the sword and have it cooked for ps3?


            -->> idnewton

            Hi !

            If you change the names of the file upk, of ClassName and MeshReference, it would correct the problem.......?

            It would be good to try it, for see if it corrects it........

            The idea of roydum to create a mutateur specially for this weapon is good....

            Many thanks.


              Technically yes, but if I change the name of the upk then the mod won't reference to the weapon, not sure how I go about fixing this.


                I just wanted to let everyone following this thread and current issue know that it appears a solution has been found If successful, this will allow for many different things, including Crucible Weapons compatability. I say it 'appears' so because there may be complications, new issues that come up that could potentially be difficult/impossible to fix. If I am successful, I will let you all know. The pack will not be updated as a whole with this new version, but a seperate download will be available when I have added the new features this allows. Also, if it is cooked for PS3, remember that it is still a beta, and there may be issues with it. Again, I'll send out an update soon


                  Great !

                  Many thanks



                    What's the news ?


                      Not sure if this constitutes as news, but... no one really plays this game anymore... do they? I'd update it for the community if the community still existed, but it doesn't really. Not to mention, I can't fix bugs that aren't reported... hence why it's in the beta section. If you're talking about the lightsaber, thats a nightmare I'd rather not revisit, for more than enough reasons. Again, if there was actually a decently large community for this game still, I might make another effort at it, but... there isn't. When I log in, theres maybe 20 people online, in all the servers combined, and most play VCTF or Warfare maps, which I hardly make at all.


                        Arf !

                        I understands.....

                        Thank you for your fast answer.


                          Still, why did you deleted the download link A lot of effort went into this maps and i want to see them, speccally the ones realted to Star wars and the mods as well :c any chance you would put the link again?