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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Voice Pack for UT3 v0.6 (Alpha Release)

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    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Voice Pack for UT3 v0.6 (Alpha Release)

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Voice Pack for Unreal Tournament 3
    Version/Release Date: 0.6 Alpha – January 08, 2012 (GMT+8, 08:02 PM)

    This is a voice pack of a British Victoria's Secret model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for UT3. Some UT fans or competitors don't know who she is. This is an 'Alpha' release of the VP because of her first acting in Michael Bay's 2011 blockbuster hit Transformers: Dark of the Moon, female leading role as Carly Spencer, a love interest of Sam Witwicky (played by actor Shia LaBeouf, not available yet). I made this voice pack first to the UT2004 for luxury, ported it over to the old UT99 and now this game will do a bit, just made it from scratch. This voice pack is now in complete session of the UT series. The default model attached to this voice pack is Jester from 'Ronin' faction and its voice is used in the areas in which this voice pack does not cover. The sounds are PAL audio format with 16-bit, 22 kHz mono .WAV files, converted from 8-bit and sampling rate using the Batch Processing window from GoldWave.

    "My hero needs to wake up."
    "You might be the smartest person that's come in here so far."

    10 Acknowledgments
    7 Friendly Fires
    4 Encouragements
    8 Other/Miscellaneous
    12 Taunts

    Simply extract it from the RAR archive to the directory below (different paths for Windows platform):

    XP: C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\My Documents
    7/Vista: C:\Users\(username)\My Documents

    Once installed, you will find the character 'Rosie Whiteley' in the "Ronin" faction.
    To get the best out of the voice pack, set as a team bot or player. This way at least you'll hear the taunts from the team bot.

    * Myself for creating this voice pack.
    * Notepad++ for the codings of UnrealScript.
    * Media Player Classic for the great and 'lightweight' media player software.
    * The folks at GoldWave for making awesome audio editing software.
    * YouTube Downloader for downloading YT videos as FLV or MP4 format.


    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Voice Pack v0.6 Alpha

    Bump! One download link of this VP added: my new homepage.
    I aware that I'm recording only one movie from her, but her next movie will be taken next year.