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DM-Galroos Beta

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    ****, link is indeed dead. This looks like a cool map too.

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    Dead link......

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  • started a topic DM-Galroos Beta

    DM-Galroos Beta

    Mapname: DM-Galroosb2

    My first (ut3) map
    Ive been mapping in U1/ut99 before though.

    "Your commanding officer, Captain Barbossa, is a spy for the Skaarj! Your mutiny against him has failed, and you and some of your mates have been left to die on an Island! You must kill your mates and eat them to survive! Hopefully you still have the left over cache of rum from last time!"

    A small island in the middle of the ocean with little resources for survival. Theres a few treasures laying around, if you can find them...
    This isnt your first time here, you left something very useful behind, but your madness caused you to forget....


    Map Info:
    Mapsize: Approx. 30mbs
    Gametype: Deathmatch
    Reccomended playercount: 6-10
    Custom Assets? : Yes
    External Packages? : Yes
    Known bugs: Level screenshot does not work, ive tried, trust me, Ive followed the tutorials, its simply not working :\
    Includes a custom music theme from Unreal 1 as well as a single material, see if you can recognise it
    Dont use the editor to cheat and find the secrets, even though they are very risky to get too on high playercounts.

    Credits: Epic games for Unreal 1, UT99, UT2004, and UT3
    Anyone still playing any of these games
    Me for making this map
    Master_Unreal for listening to my rants about how UE3 sucks and its not working but then I realized its potential after this map lol.
    Creative Assembly for making Total War series, even though its completely Unrelated to this map or Unreal.