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    New version available here : Waisten 2011 (Beta 7)
    Thank you all for your advises. I took them in consideration and are in the change log below

    Updates : (Beta 5 -> Beta 7)
    - Altered : Main light brightness
    - Altered : Main light's color (Sunset color)
    - Added : Sun mesh
    - Altered : Sky clouds' color, size and count
    - Added : Light lamps
    - Altered : Ambient sounds for lamps and adv
    - Added : Ambient crickets sounds near trees
    - Added : Ambient wind sound in Stinger and Flak corridors
    - Added : Emiters of falling leaves near trees
    - Added : Emiter of sparking broken machine near Thighpads
    - Added : Reverb volume in Stinger and Flak corridors
    - Added : Corridor near BioRifle pickup
    - Altered : LinkGun pickup location
    - Altered : PostProcess brightness and shadows
    - Altered : Elevators' speed
    - Added : Custom map's music track based on 'Mars' from Mass Effect 3
    - Fixed : Blocking volumes and collision settings


      good remake

      needs author and player load in preview shot; nice old buildings in rundown urban environment with wooo, wait, that’s a bright skybox, wasn’t expecting that; like the banners, graffiti, surrounding city and girls/guns (always good combo); gameplay is good and fun, bots are easy, good weapon/item placement; was that something flying overhead?; game locked up for 2-5 seconds about 3 times near beginning of match and computer beeped , but was fine after that; didn’t notice if there was any music, but it definitely needs more sounds.


        New and last version of Waisten for UT3

        Updates : (Beta 7 -> Final)
        - Added more sound
        - Fixed preview image and map informations

        Download :
        Waisten 2011 (Final)

        Have fun !
        If interested, i'm about to release a UT3 version of Achilles (Not a simple conversion), stay tuned


          You probably meant this link:



            Yes, sorry for the mistake
            Does someone know how to move this thread from "Beta Releases" to "Final Releases" ? (I think that it was possible before)


              The map is really good visualy and gameplay-wise. Great job. Bonus point for daylight

              I have some minor issues though :
              - The music on Ambient channel ...
              - Some walls need blocking volumes to avoid getting stuck on pillars and such.
              - Same issue about the stairs, or maybe the flak back in the face is intended, if so disregard this.


                Still missed the player load and author in preview shot, but final version has good custom music and like the added sounds. Still had problem of locking up on me for some reason in this version also. Oh well, it wasn't for very long. Maybe once I finally upgrade my ancient drivers it won't happen anymore. And, yes, this needs to be moved to full releases section please.

                EDIT: I already changed mine of course, so no big deal for me Seriously though, this thread and one or two more UT3 threads in the wrong section REALLY need to be moved to the Full Release section.


                  New link, i just changed the .ini file (.ut3 stay the same) which includes author and num player infos