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Michael Biehn Voice Pack for UT3 v1.1 [Beta] [Updated: 25-Oct-2011]

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  • Michael Biehn Voice Pack for UT3 v1.1 [Beta] [Updated: 25-Oct-2011]

    Michael Biehn Voice Pack for Unreal Tournament 3
    Version/Release Date: 1.1 Beta – October 25, 2011 (GMT+8, 11:21 AM)

    Michael Biehn plays a number of popular roles in science fiction movies made by James Cameron: The Terminator (Kyle Reese), Aliens (Cpl. Dwayne Hicks), and The Abyss (Lt. Coffey); as well as different various main and supporting roles in the 90s and 2000s. Lopar-XL made this VP back in UT99, ported over to UT2003, then UT2004, and now THIS game will do I ported it from his old UT version. No Order and Name sounds had been made and there is no able to "cover all the bases" here due to a different comparisons in the game. I guess that UT3 game has unaccompanied the taunt sounds for bots (except for the rewards) and no taunt messages at all but you can still hear him from the Bot Status group, just only a player when you frag some opponents can only hear the taunts well. The sounds are PAL audio format with 16-bit, 22 kHz mono .WAV files, converted from 8-bit and the pitch value using the Batch Processing window from GoldWave. This voice pack contains foul language throughout, so there was no point in me marking any of the taunts.

    "And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!"
    "Considering your, uh, fragile condition...I think I can kick your a--."

    12 Acknowledgments
    21 Friendly Fires
    7 Encouragements
    29 Other/Miscellaneous
    40 Taunts

    v1.1b, 25-Oct-2011
    • Moved the character to the 'Iron Guard' faction. Removing my own faction that doesn't have the custom model for this character. Created the removed lines ("minus" prefix syntax) in the UTCustomChar.ini.
    • The primary content package of this voice pack is now "uncooked".

    v1.0b, 17-Sep-2011
    • Original release version of the voice pack.

    Simply extract the "UTGame" folder from the RAR archive to the directory below (different paths for Windows platform):

    XP: C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\My Documents\Unreal Tournament 3
    7/Vista: C:\Users\(username)\My Documents\Unreal Tournament 3

    Once installed, you will find the character 'Michael Biehn' in the "Iron Guard" faction.
    To get the best out of the voice pack, set as a team bot or player. This way at least you'll hear the taunts from the team bot.

    * Lopar-XL for making the Michael Biehn Voice Pack for the old Unreal Tournament, ported again over to UT2003, then UT2004.
    * Notepad++ for the codings of UnrealScript.
    * The folks at GoldWave for making awesome audio editing software.
    * All movies of Michael Biehn are belong to various productions/film companies.


    Michael Biehn Voice Pack v1.1 Beta

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    Fun! but it's not complete

    (I'm sure you can take her voice from Tiberium Sun's game.)


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      Thanks mate. It's not finished alright. I'm only take to record some quotes/samples from Michael Biehn's movies and updated the voice pack but not in TV and video games because I take a lot of impressions to make, at least I would brought some stuffs later on, but I'm quite busy for a moment. Thanks for the feedback, wish me luck.

      PS: Bump thread and I'm forgot to update this voice pack to Version 1.1 three months ago.


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        OP updated. Voice pack added to my Dropbox space.
        Working with the new version of this VP soon, but still busy with my college work. Cross your fingers!


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          Bump! Two download links of this VP added: my new homepage and
          Working with new version of this VP very soon to be final (by 2014 and beyond, tbh).


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            Looks Impressive! Finally, something better than the old taunts.


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              Originally posted by slik_sh00ter View Post
              Looks Impressive! Finally, something better than the old taunts.
              Glad you like it man! I usually like default UT3 taunts earlier before I moved on to the variable "custom" taunts. There's something like UT3 voice packs would be definitely fun and simple.