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  • VCTF-District




    just a vctf map set in a city, you can take the fight to the open field with your hellbender, or just go trough the buildings with your flak cannon.


    (New Version)



    (New Version)

    (Old Version)

  • #2
    Pretty Good Map..Nice Flow...should be pretty fun for a small to Medium VCTF Map! I did open the map up in the editor....I noticed all the BSP on the outside of the Map and Underneath still has Textures On it. You might as well use the Remove Surface Material from the Engine Materials folder and Change the Light Map from 32 to the Highest setting..It will run faster and build much quicker too! Also..I'm not crazy about the road edging being BSP ....I'd use meshes could always convert those pieces to meshes also!! Also Trim around the Flag area...Looks like you forgot it All in all its a good map and looks like it was fun to build....Kudos!!!


    • #3
      Judging from the first screen, like magicman said, the lack of trimming don't fit the theme of the map. Also using the same texture for the ground and the flag area isn't wise.

      I can see an elevator, which has a tree near him. I guess the trees may be annoying.

      The overall is clean, nothing too fancy. Like all of this map was aimed to the gameplay.
      I like this job.

      You should find some tips to break the repetition, 'cause it's everywhere!
      May I suggest you to use a different shade of brick for the blue side, displace some of your wall when they're too straight (or "break" them, with a destroyed concrete's wall static, and debris on the ground), use different type of skyscraper/texture on the skyscrapers, use a lot more the team colors (blue/red) to give more informations to the players (flags, decorations, advertisements, anything that connect to the identity of the teams) and try another textures for the ground? with some variation with a BSP sinking?
      And somewhere in the HU_Floors packages, you may find the boardwalks, with a variations of his stripe in blue, red, yellow and white.


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        New version.


        -Replaced the tree near the flag elevators.
        -Added some more team textures.
        -Replaced the hellbender so bots will use it.
        -Changed some spawns.
        -Added some defense points.
        -And Added/Fixed some trims.
        -And some other random stuff.