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  • DM-Untamed

    Name: DM-Untamed
    Version: Beta 2
    Compatibility: UT3
    Description: Once a shining symbol of hope and prosperity, war and poverty have taken its toll on this forgotten planet. The government started up a gladiatorial league to deal with captured rebels to placate the masses, but not all are content with the highly regulated league. In long abandoned complexes like this underground battles are waged. There are no rules, there is no mercy. Welcome to the Untamed.
    Comments: I think the map is pretty well finished but I wanted to get a few opinions on it before I call it final. Its a small deathmatch arena for between 2 and 4 players.
    Update - Redid all the lighting per the comments beneath. The screens beneath show the new look. Added note, Im pretty sure I forgot to turn down the volume on all of my water sound effects so if anyone tries to play it they may find that's a little too loud. I'll fix that for the next update or the full release.


  • #2
    From the screenshots, I'm really feeling an atmosphere that UT2k4 gave. Downloading shortly.


    • #3
      Also from the screenshots, meshing looks very good but the lighting feels like you only have 1 skylight with 1.0 brightness and a white color, makes everything look bland and boring.


      • #4
        I would remade lighting. Add more depth with it. Check how Idoma/Rankin in UT2k4 are made. Open editor and see how many lightbulb icons are there (well... part of them are flares, but they have squished icons.). Most of lightsources have 3 light actors. Two small and intense (one close to source and second close to floor under it. Radius beetwen 128-256) And one bigger with pretty large radius but not that intense. In UT3 instead placing point light on floor you can use spot lights (but it's not big difference. If spot light would have too big cone, then probably using point light is better for performance reason)

        Also play with tinting some lights. Very often artist use 2 colors of opposite tint (most times it is cold and warm color, but you can also use contrast on saturation level (like desaturated green and highly saturated orange [but it can't be oversaturated. Then it look bad. Dont use colors like R:255G:200B:0 but rather R:240G:200B:100, so it is desaturated a little and rather bright.] for example)

        In your case i would use one desaturated color with very little tint(because i like how lighting look on second and last screen) and one or two highly saturated (When i see 3rd screen i just want to add big orange light there myself )

        And i would also add some post processing (but not too strong). When i'm playing with PP i set highlights a little under 1.0 and midtones a little above 1.0)

        All feedback based on screenshots so i haven't checked how it look from inside.

        If you update map using this feedback and want some more, give me info, because i probably won't get there anytime soon .


        • #5
          After posting it here I was looking around and sorta was coming to the same conclusion and this just cemented it. I redid all the lighting, trying to add a little more colour to all of my lighting. I think it looks a lot better now. Let me know what you think.


          • #6
            I think it's a lot better now(i don't have old screens to compare. Have you played with post processing yet?

            And one question. Is download link for current version? I'll probably download it, change some things and explain them to you. And using that ocasion i will check gameplay of it.


            • #7
              For reference the old screens

              Yeah there is post processing in there. Its not particularly strong but it is there, you can definitely see it when comparing to the map without it. The link above is the current version.


              • #8
                Looks much better, although the bright red light source doesn't seem to light up it's surrioundings


                • #9
                  The screens dont show it very well but its hanging inside the tunnel so it only lights up the tunnel itself and just outside the mouth, but you are likely right that it could be a little stronger. I'll play with it.


                  • #10
                    imo desaturation should be a little bit toned down, red lights should have increased brightness and those steel bars shouldn't be destructible, but allow to walk through hole inside them (i spent much time before i managed that i can destroy them. Actually i made it accidentally)


                    • #11
                      Final version incoming? Just in time for Christmas maybe?


                      • #12
                        Up for this baby too!


                        • #13
                          Same with this one...........any recent links that work?


                          • #14
                            Look harder:


                            its on his website


                            • #15
                              It is a small map with nice flow.
                              - graphics are good etc.

                              - only 2 problems
                              - 1 - water could be improved

                              - 2 - this blocking is nasty

                              Good Stuff