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DM-New World (Remake) - Cool sci-fi map with vehicles

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    Thank you for the feedback. Ideas are really good! I actually built this level in 3 days, and I'm talking like 2-4 hours a day.

    Thanks again!


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    I quite like ya concept with the visuals on this map M8!


    Had a run on this map! Once again the concept for the visuals is very well done and the blinding sun with the asteroids orbiting the planet is a very nice touch!
    Also the spinning 'bare frame' balls that slow down and speed up look great as well M8!

    Not sure what feedback you're after so here's some comments/suggestions on what I think could be some interesting elements to add.

    I feel the map is too open for a DM. I reckon you could easily expand it a bit more and turn it into a vctf map. The wide open roads beg for some vehicular mayhem!
    With the open feel maybe have something like a fallen building across the road that players/vehicles can drive through and also walk over. Maybe have some vehicle wreaks or fallen columns for players to hide behind when needed.

    The map also needs more z-axis elements. I'd recommend expand the upper area, which the 2 jump pads lead to, and have it end in a ramp that leads back down to the road. Almost like an overpass. Add some of them funky walkways, that you've already made, under the overpass so infantry have somewhere else to run. Having it as a ramp also allows you to have a vehicle spawn up top as well to spread out the vehicle.
    You need something that get the action upwards rather than purely at street level!

    I won't comment too much on pickup locations as it's only a beta, but you'll need to spread out the vehicle spawns. Having them all in that one area isn't really a good design choice IMO. I'm guessing you'll do that eventually anyway!

    Hope that gives you some ideas M8!

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  • DM-New World (Remake) - Cool sci-fi map with vehicles

    Name: DM-New World

    Version: Beta 1

    Compatibility: PC Only

    Description: This is a remake of another map that I made quite some time ago. But this is my original vision of it and I hope you guys like it. Keep in mind, this is still a work in progress so there will be things missing and things might be changed later. But so far it works fine. Enjoy!

    Comments: Issues with this map:
    1.No Health Pick-Ups
    2.No Ammo Pick-Ups
    3.Only 3 Vehicles Available
    4.Weapons are a Little Distant


    Credits: DirectX7, SteelFalcon001