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MyScavenger (Scavenger mutator)

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    MyScavenger (Scavenger mutator)

    Name: MyScavenger
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: patch 2.1 (But maybe works with early versions)

    Description: This mutator replaces the traditional default Scavenger with MyScavenger. What you will find is just the same traditional default Scavenger but with two improvements:

    1. Its health point have been increased from 200 to 300.
    2. Its Energy Ball damage points have been increased from 30 to 60.

    that's the all changes I did, and to be honest I didn't notice an improvement in the energy ball damage.

    Comments: I put this mutator in the Beta section but I think this is a Full release. I put this mutator in the Beta section because although I didn't find any problem I didn't test it exhaustively and I'm not a programmer or something like that, I'm just an UT3 "enthusiast".


    Credits: Basically:
    -"dave neun" for his post in this thread:
    HTML Code:
    -"ambershee" for this tutorial:
    HTML Code:
    -"lockdown1101" to answer my preview thread.
    -"Captain Snarf" for his Vehicle Replacement mutator (and the rest that also made vehicles replacers mutators)
    -"Epic Games" for so fantastic game.
    -"Epic Games Forums" for so much information.
    - All the people that wrote other mutators, tutorials, etc, that inspired me
    - And me (I guess )
    Homepage: Just here.

    Any comment please do it in this thread and if anyone have an idea of how to edit in a better way the damage feature of the Scavenger's energy ball please let me know because I'm very interested (and as I wrote above, i don't know if what I did works); or maybe you have another ideas that could improve the Scavenger without losing its essence. That's all, bye.

    Enjoy the Scavenger .

    Look at this thread to get your vehicle's picture to show on the HUD:

    I should also warn you, doubling the Scavenger's damage could make it completely overpowered in the hands of someone who can use it. It can already take down nodes in 10 seconds if you know how, and can do some pretty nice damage to other stuff too. Just a heads up.