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DM-ErrorsLAN2011 [Pic][Beta1] PC only, de_dust_2 wannabe for UT3

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    DM-ErrorsLAN2011 [Pic][Beta1] PC only, de_dust_2 wannabe for UT3

    Name: ErrorsLAN2011

    Version: Beta 1

    Compatibility: Latest patch

    Description: Made this map with inspiration from the counterstrike map, de_dust_2.

    Comments: I am NOT the greatest mapper, so I guess I have done things 100 times harder than possible. It is NOT an outdoor map, and it does NOT look much like de_dust_2 visually. But you will see simularities when you run around.
    The reason for the name, is because I have made it ready for a LAN I am atending in a few hours, and I need some feedback on how to continue making this map. Will find a new map name for it when the time comes.
    So, let the Critisism begin!


    Credits: Only me at this point


    you should use this link for your image


      Thanks for that, but no advice on anything else? only a 1 star and a hey-change-to-this-to-get-a-picture. It is possible to click on the link and see the picture.

      I have spend a lot of hours on what I have done so far, and feedback would be kinda great to get, so I can make it better and prepare it for a full release.

      * I have tested it a bit now, ublike what I had time for before I released the beta, and I think I need to have more weapon pickups, health pickups.

      * I also need to make a lot more eyecandy, so it`s not so plain and kinda boring, anyone have some ideas here?


        Because I can't tell which areas you think are finished in this Beta I will only give general advice.

        Layout has some nice ideas. However In a word Big! But it need not be a bad thing, if there is good integration/ ease of access to areas. At the moment you have too much room, corridor, room (rcr). The length between rooms seems a thing in itself, which scores a negative on the game play axis. This level would benefit form shortening and tightening up the rcr problem.

        Deco wise, you need trim along door ways and where floors meet walls etc.

        Lighting needs alot of work. Atm lighting appears to have no source most of time. So switch off or delete except where they have a source, then work to fill the void. Also use a sky light set at low intensity to just fill the corners, this will mean you use less light actors and improve frame rate.

        Player starts need to face a weapon.

        More risk vs reward for power ups.

        Specifically some stone material around windows have a strange snow foot step sound - sounds very odd.

        Your map has potential. Good luck with it.


          I was thinking the map in general.

          I noticed it was some long distant running from time to time, is it possible to fill inn with some static meshes so there is not so much open space? Like the container I have placed in one of the rooms.
          So you think I should shorten the map a bit, and still keep the general layout?

          I was thinking of putting some decoration along the floor and doorways, and maybe some or all the walls, so it`s not just psp all over the place.

          Hmm, where do you see lighting without a source? I thought I had got the lighting to be as real as I could in the time I had depsosed to me before I had to make it playable.
          I wanted some corners to be a bit dark, just so I did not fill everything with lights.
          But if it can improve framrate, I will consider it.

          Will look in to the thing with playerstart facing a weapon.

          I did not know what to do with the window frame at the time, and due to lack of time, I had to do something, and the stonewall thing was the only thing I found. It does sound a little strange, and I will replace it when I find something I`m happy with.

          Thanks a lot for your time to test it, and for taking time to write some feedback, Acherenar.


            Filling in with meshes is one way to do it, however its not optimal use of meshes. I would try and stay away form those ways of thinking about a level imo. You have some good ideas or a level your emulating but I encourage you to think about game play at all times. So yes "shorten the map a bit, and still keep the general layout?"

            Some theory on this - in case you have not read.




            Meshing the edging can be faster, But the use of BSP can make some nice results too.

            With respect for lighting you have many sources however the light projecting out of them appear unrealistic. Instead of having a grid of point lights try using spot lights with point lights close to the origin, simulating a light mesh. A sky light is your base 'global' light used to fill the edges of your scene. If this is still unclear try to analyse, stock levels to assess how they approach lighting. And also seek out tutorials on how to light a level. What I have described is a simplified version. Please don't be discouraged, lighting can be difficult to get a good result and we have not started to talk about post process...

            No worries about your material choice.

            Your welcome.

            Next time only one 'e' for me!