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DM-Hades' Pit [Beta] [Download] [Pics] [Update 2011-04-10]

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    DM-Hades' Pit [Beta] [Download] [Pics] [Update 2011-04-10]

    Name: DM-Hades' Pit
    Version: 0.9 Beta 2
    Compatibility: UT3 v2.1 (gold version from Steam if that matters)

    Remake of a Doom II map I made a long time ago.
    No "story" just old style LAN-party deathmatch carnage.

    I don't think this map is "balanced" or "fair" by todays standards, but was fun with Doom II.
    There are hidden doors that need to be opened by pressing the "Use" key


    Additional High-res screenshots can be found here:

    Eldraad: The Exploding Barrels are based on a Kismet network found at the following forum post:


    Link to Final Version Thread

    Beta Info:
    Have only tested this with bots and considering I get thrashed by a few bots on novice I'd like some gameplay feedback from people that tested against other players.
    This is also my first DM map for any unreal engine game (done Gears and Borderlands maps) so not sure about the amount of pickups or their placement. So some feedback on that would be nice aswell.
    Have placed some ambient sounds, have tried to balance the sound levels somewhat, however my hearing is not good so not sure if it might bee too loud.
    The music is hard coded as an ambient non attenuated sound. If there are too many complaints about that I will replace it with some of the canned music arrangements.

    Fixes beta 2:
    Various grapic glitches, misaligned meshes, CSG brushes and textures.
    Added/changed some blockingvolumes.
    Bots use of elevator is working better, not 100% sure if it won't break under some circumstances.
    Removed alot of health/armour pickup's.
    Removed all the deployable pickups.
    Added visual que to the exploding barrels, might make a new texture if it's really needed.
    Reduced the DoF slightly.
    Reverted to vertex lighting for static meshes and increased sample size for CSG surfaces, seems some people using 300 baud modems still...

    Thanks in advance.

    Fix List

    Fixes done:
    Various visual anomalies like lightmap bleeds and CSG misalignment.
    Added or reworked several blockingvoumes.

    Will release the new version as soon as I get some gameplay feedback.


      Pics look very interesting. I'll d/l and get back to you if I have any thoughts.


        considering I get thrashed by a few bots on novice
        ^^ that suggests the gameplay will be poor

        *the first pic looks like you could lower DOF or your blur a bit


          I see your very new to UT3 but you show an understanding of the editor. So I see alot of first time mistakes or non-conventional approaches.

          So what is good:

          - The visuals are ok, lighting and meshing are interesting.
          - The explosive barrels add a bit of fun to game play although it took me awhile to realise they were explosive. I would suggest re-skinning them.
          - I liked that you've tried to find some custom music for your map. Although I might not agree on the track you've chosen.

          What is not so good:

          - The layout is too linear. DM maps need to be interconnected, have lots of Z-axis game play, with picks up placement that creates conflict or tension. Where there is a risk vs reward. When these elements come together you have a fun map.

          There are so many things that I could say about the layout that don't match conventional DM's but as this is a remake for another game altogether - that's really the point. Its a pity you can't wrap doom II around it. But for UT3 its does not work imo.

          As well pick up are problem. Way too many health pickups and clustered too close together. Most DM's avoid special pickup like shape charge, emp & spider mine, etc. These have a special function and are designed for vctf and war maps.

          If you are serious about making you map work in UT3 then I suggest read some pages on



          Bob Chamot's site

          And lastly two thing: place all asset in the one map file - not strictly a function thing but keeps installation simpler. And the map size is too big - please cook your map for release.

          Thank for your efforts.


            Originally posted by Achernar View Post
            And lastly two thing: place all asset in the one map file - not strictly a function thing but keeps installation simpler. And the map size is too big - please cook your map for release.
            First thanks for the feedback and hints about the tutorial sites, knew most of them but thanks for trying to help.

            As to placing assets in the map file, not ever again, did that once and wasted alot of hours of work when something got corrupted and I had to go back several backups because it was impossible to delete or change the asset. It is not like people actualy need to place the additional file anywhere special then I would sort of understand why having only one file would be a good thing.

            The reason the file size is "large" not that I'd consider 90ish mb a large amount of HD space or 67mb a large download is the following. I used texture based ligtmaps not the default vertex lighting to get better looking shadows. Yes the files are cooked, the uncooked version is 140ish mb and the asset file 60ish mb.
            This also answers TKBS question about filesize.


              looking great so far, not much in the way of feedback, just really interested in the final product of this.. awesome SGK