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ASMD 6000000000 [bfg9k tribute][pics]

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    You suggest you change the name of the weapon.
    The ASMD is a weapon from the original Unreal game from 1998, it is the forerunner of the Shock Rifle. Even in the weapon description of the Tournament titles the Shock Rifle is still called ASMD Shock Rifle.
    I hope you know what I want to say by that, when I first read the title I didn't realize that this weapon is a tribute to the BFG but thought that it's a remake of the original ASMD (just read ASMD and clicked on the link ), I was very excited and when I saw the thread I was a bit disappointed

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    Very good! a true redeemer remplacement!

    However the weapon not show when you check "small weapons" on the setting, for the rest, it's perfect

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  • started a topic ASMD 6000000000 [bfg9k tribute][pics]

    ASMD 6000000000 [bfg9k tribute][pics]

    Name: ASMD 6000000000
    Version: .1
    Compatibility: built on 2.1

    BFG style superweapon, made with Vipers.

    preview clip on youtube

    Credits: to Epic! and me.