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DM-Flux2 (Beta3) update

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  • DM-Flux2 (Beta3) update

    Name: DM-Flux2

    Version: Beta3

    Compatibility: UT3 Version 2.1 with Titan pack

    Description: A near faithful recreation of the UT2004 map DM-Flux2.




    Please give feedback, all constructive comments are welcome.

    So enjoy

    Change Log

    Beta3 update 14-06-2012

    Added extra snow particles
    Minor tweaks on Player start positions
    Added 3 exploding barrels with damage
    Altered door timings to close slower
    closed a few holes in the terrain mesh
    Minor texture and material tweaks

    Beta2 update 21-03-2011

    Implemented greater contrast in lighting
    Implemented greater contrast in post processing
    Added 4 lamp posts in cave to give better lighting
    Reworked movers and door entrances to reduce light leaking through to other side
    Corrected some u.v errors on the cave mesh via vertex paint
    Corrected some collision issues
    Corrected miss misappropriated texture on a model
    Moved some steam particles for greater realism
    Added some meshes on snow slope to prevent futile jump / clime attempts
    Increased saturation of textures to improve colour depth
    Some minor tweaks & alterations

    issues / Things to do

    For reasonable Bot game play set bots to skilled or higher
    Compressed to cabinet format winrar and WinZip will extract


    Hourences - Tutorials
    The forum community

    Download: Gamefront

    Download: Mediafire


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    Looks nice and downloading now!


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      Mirrored on Strategy Informer -


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        Interesting start. I'll download, if I have any pts I'll get back to ya.


        • #5
          Awesome! I love those faithful conversions!

          My only concerns, judging from the screenshots, is the overall lighting:
          pic1 : there is not enough contrast for the colors. A big part is washed with yellow.
          You could use the violet colors to colorize some elements, and making the lower ground like it's apart the second floor.
          pic2 : You could soften the projector's lighting, and add various natural lightsources bumping all around, according to the ice/snow/capacity of the engine.
          pic3 : same 2cents
          pic4 : Again, I don't remember is it is true to the original map. But I'd like to see more colors all around. And maybe some shadows, so the lights won't be so "washy".

          Now that your map is pretty like a UT2004' one, you could push it to be like UT3.
          Better shadowing, more color contrasts, maybe some post-proc (but no blur or **** like this) and it will be greater.


          • #6

            Your right about the lack of contrast in the cave area so I have expanded the door lights and alterd the post processing to give grater contrast ill post when ready.


            • #7
              Nice work on the remake.

              So I had a look and here are some observations:
              (please pardon the spelling error).

              -Although this is a remake the outside areas are too much like long corridors with little z axis or obstacles which makes for boring game play. (doesn't mean you cant improve on a classic)

              The material on the rocks out side look too last gen imho. I wonder if some of the stock icy rock textures would work better.

              Collision issue, some bv can fix.

              Personal observation: the blue mottled metal wall material needs more molecularity, it feels too mat atm.

              Light influence problems.

              One of the faces has the wrong material applied.

              - Some player starts are too far form a weapon.

              Good work all up. I really like the snow effect, could use more of them imo, but depends how close to the original your aiming.

              Keep it up. Looking forward to your next release.


              • #8

                Just a quick update

                I have created more contrast in the environment through lighting and post processing

                Fixed the collision issue
                Fixed the uv and particle issue
                Fixed the misappropriated texture issue
                Replaced point lights with spot lights on inner doors to improve realism

                Added some meshes to the slope to guide the player away from a impossible clime / jump

                See pics below

                will post when ready for beta 2


                • #9
                  thoses two last picts simply kick ze butt! nice improvement m8, keep up the good work


                  • #10
                    Like the lighting but not the barrels because they will affect gameplay and change it from the original.

                    Otherwise, the first beta plays and looks nice, and is very true to the original.

                    Thanks for the blast from the past


                    • #11
                      Beta 2 Update

                      Please see first Post


                      • #12
                        Great work fixing those UV's and collision issues. I liked the addition of debris near the snow incline, adds and extra method get up the ramp.

                        Some observations:

                        Its snowing only on two sides?

                        I'm enjoying the extra work on lighting and post process. However I think its just a bit too over exposed imho. I would increase the sky light to 0.15.

                        Player starts still need more work imo. I wonder if adding an eighth weapon (the enforcer) might help a bit. I understand if you reservation as it is a remake.

                        At least move the one near the sniper a little to the left as I fell off many times without collecting the weapon.

                        The animated doors can be too quick. In one situation you can fire your rockets into the base (as your exiting) but have the door close on you, damaging yourself. However on the other axis it can block weapons if your being fired at. Not sure what the right balance is, but just thought I'd mention it.

                        Great progress there. Looking forward to your next release.


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                          Last up for this year


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                            Fiirst up for 2012


                            • #15
                              Second up, any news?