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    Name:VCTF Bio-Gates
    Version: Beta. Build No.5
    Compatibility: 2.1
    Description: The original idea for vctf-Radiation but i had a total meltdown and i lost it and radiation became a different map. This is my preferred map for quality, content and game play. It is primarily a static mesh map.Again i tried to change the game play with something new. This time by having bases at north and south on the ground, with flags east and west up high.
    Comments: 1.There are known issues [blocking] and ideas [sky colours change @ team flag events, specific times etc] i have to put into the map. 2. see vctf radiation thread for work history, the new brush map version etc].

    Credits: Lots of help, comments and tests was given to me on this one. Thanks to people on here like nick and steve and everyone else who helped. Thanks to DoS, pickups people and fick members aswel. And thanks for the comments i have not yet implemented.
    Homepage: TKBS - Gamefront user.
    undergoing maintenance






        *The [WIP]^^ has been made for blue and red base.
        *New Textures Rock [a 2 layered kinda effect] and floor
        *Added Broken Glass/ Break Glass Feature+ My first custom sound :0
        [i have done a full soundtrack to a level before- but never added sound cues for events such as these]
        *Added Overtime Feature; Health Radial @ 199 to help overtimes end quickly
        *Broken glass feature enters the [WIP] rooms above - at great risk, with powerful pick-ups. Warning it is one-way, you must access another feature to find the exit.
        *Added the above^Feature for secret exit.
        Normal glass - un-smashed

        Glass beign smashed- kinda rubbish picture i know, but hopefully you can see it



        i will probably use a custom glass texture at some point, but breaking glass is something i have wanted since i first saw hanging gardens.
        ATM my custom particle emitter is basically rubbish, but it does the job.


          ^^the above info has been implemented.