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    Name: CTF-UGroundFacility
    Version: v0.51/Beta
    Compatibility: If you have the latest version of UT3 it should play. I’m running UT3:Black off of Steam and it works fine on that.
    Description: A military exploration into caves have exposed an underground society that is not too happy in seeing their area discovered.
    Comments: This is my first level being uploaded to the Unreal Forums. I tried to create an asymmetrical CTF level that would still be balanced. If you guys could let me know if one team is always winning over the other that'd be great.

    Credits: Epic Games for creating the editor and for all the assets I’ve used. Ken Adams for teaching me level design. 3D Buzz for creating the tutorials that helped me learn the tools quickly. Justin Selgrad for teaching me the basics behind scripting and programming. Michael Eilers for teaching me design.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Added Weapon Lockers containing Shock Rifles, Bio Rifles, and Link Guns
    - Fixed a hole in the geometry