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    Version:Beta 1


    Description:None Yet

    Comments: Well i haven't released anything for awhile and I've jsut finished up this map, so i thought it was about
    time to release it. I've been working on it since june i believe. This map does have powernodes in it because i felt that
    it adds an interesting dynamic to the gameplay. I also have done a WAR version of it and will update this post when i release it.



    Nice ta see another map form ya chaos I try it out asap.


      Nice to see more war and vctf maps dude! very necris and poetic look XD



        The WAR version is finished, I'm just to lazy to cook it right now
        And the look of the map has gone through several looks until i was happy with it. The lighting was originally going to be like necropolis, but then got tired of it being so dark and gloomy. Then I finally decided on its current look, which is where the name came from, since it looks all dreamy and such. It was originally called necrotopia (back when it look like necropolis ).

        Also I have a couple of my maps I've updated a while back but never got to posting them, aswell as a new map that never got posted which I'll get around to post.


          Yeah! this map is great!
          Surely a keeper when done. It's a pleasure to play it .

          Now the critics:
          First of all : the bloom. Kill it with fire. I'm suffering from headache by seeing it everywhere in your map.
          Bloom and DOF are great to create an ambiance or hide imperfections.
          Your map is visually stunning, and is way better without bloom&DOF.

          Second : The map is too heavy. The number of download is proportional to the weight of the map.
          You're using too many different static meshes, all of them with too many polycounts, and you may lightmap the heaviest statics.
          StaticMesh'NEC_Deco.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Deco_SM_Cuchulai nn_Pose1', with 7083 tris, should be lightmapped. Look at the primitive stats.

          For another example, you have that pipe in 4-copy. You can cut them, they're unnoticeable.

          Also your use of SM is insane, you should transform some basic shapes (like the square buildings) in BSP, for the memory usage sake.

          And blackface! when a surface is not visible or totally black, put the defaut texture on it, select a 65536 of lightmap res, and disable the three checkboxes. It can divide the lighmap size by 2 .

          -Trees don't grow onto rock
          -Your water effect (the Onyx one in fact) got problem at further distances
          -The raptor needs more place to exit the base, should be in exterior imo
          -You could add some water pools in the "city" to slow the players rushing with hoverboard (BTTF syndrom )
          -All your lights are too "shy", and some places are too dark (yeh, the chandeliers' places)

          All others feedbacks are fashion choices and gameplay problems, I've pointed some of them in this zipped file : here

          I recommend you to not rush that beta, so you had a promising keeper map . 4 stars to me, half a star more with some improvements.

          PS : Do the english speakers understand what "rĂªverie" mean?