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CTF-Eternalhuatl (BETA)

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    CTF-Eternalhuatl (BETA)



    Compatibility:PC-only at this point

    Description:CTF-EternalCave for UT3, remade with custom assets based on central American themes.

    Comments:'s a start. I'm sure there are TONS of 1) collision issues; 2) size/scale issues; 3) ugly, unlit areas that need more TLC; 4) unforeseen bugs and problems. And then some. I'd like to get feedback from people who play more of the game instead of just map for it like myself. I need YOUR help.


    Credits:All the usual and where credit is due, like myself and Epic and all those other people - like Reed University for providing free-to-use photos of the ancient Mayan cities of Uxmal, Sayil, Labna, and Kabah!

    I aint got a homepage.


    Looks promising


      Originally posted by »thehitman« View Post
      looks promising
      ..... +1....


        mate i would like to see the light for this map and bring on the fresh remake with new textures / meshes etc... This is how they must be graphycally and not the same old remake with the same old textures

        Keep mappin mate first pic is sexy!

        Edit: the scale is fien overall for me, wai to what say the mappers walking around this forum


          Just as an aside:

          The UT3 community can't boast much activity to begin with (which I think is really unfortunate - I love Unreal and really hope Epic has future plans for the franchise) but I have not forgotten about updating this map. I'm getting some feedback on another forum and will probably bump this up to a final release...


          I am swamped with work right now, and I cannot significantly invest my time and energy into mapping at the present moment. I just managed to get it to a point before the defecation hit the rotary oscillator.

          All that being said, keep playing and have fun!!!


            what forum are you posting with this map mate? I would like to see you how are you managing this map this one has some great atmosphere..


              agreed, looks extremely prommising indeed, would like to see how your getting along with it also