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DM-Emperor's Eye BETAv1.0

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    DM-Emperor's Eye BETAv1.0

    Emperor's Eye:
    Latest patch, Titan pack:

    A small Asian-style arena featuring tight and frantic Z-axis action.

    Four sets of jump boots and eight teleporters allow a player to get from any one area of the map to any other in literally seconds.
    Plays as a tense strategic cat-and-mouse with 2 players, and an insane Morbias-style bloodbath with 3 or 4.

    Hey guys- this is my first public release of any kind. Please report back any feedback you may have, whether about gameplay or bugs or any other issues anyone may have!

    Original map design by Petr 'Sanity_Cleaver' Joura

    Download link:!download|988...Av1.0.rar|7531

    (PS- How can I attach screenshots to my post?)

    Originally posted by Sanity_Cleaver View Post
    (PS- How can I attach screenshots to my post?)
    You need a picture-hoster (I'm using, upload your screenshots and put the link(s) here in your post.
    Like this:

    Edit: Before uploading convert the screenshots to jpg-format for smaller filesize.


      Hi Sanity_Cleaver! A good 1on1 level which becomes quickly boring, its looks nice (with a proper lighting ambiance) for your first level but Ive noticed 4 littles bug:
      -the rocket pickup which float (you need to simplify arch collision),
      -players start: many time Ive respwaned in low field without weapon and front of enemies;
      -the main statue: sometime bot or me can hook it(maybe simplify colllsion).
      -missing ambient sound.


        A fantastic first level! Good job mate! Had a great time on it and the visuals are nice

        As HO0815XX said, Use a picture hosting site, paste the link, and then put [SHOT] tags around it

        Rated It higher than 1 star cus some idiot does that to all threads.