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Blender 2.6X Add on Export PSK/PSA

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    Blender 2.6X Add on Export PSK/PSA

    [Blender 2.64 Blender Export Script PSK/PSA :]
    Information: Note it used Mesh and Armature object.

    Blender 2.6X Information:
    - It has been release as add on. Note you have to enable them.
    - Script path has to be in addons folder since the blender api changes.
    path: blender.exe\2.5X\scripts\addons\io_export_unreal_p built with svn)
    - File > User Preferences... > Add-Ons--Export: Unreal Skeletal Mesh/Animation (.psk & psa)
    --Import: Skeletal Mesh(.psk)Smooth: (Note you need to be in face mode to make the smooth work. It under mesh tools Shading.
    -smooth-flatCrtl + F (in the 3d view port while selecting a face)
    -Shade Smooth-Shade Flat
    Just make sure you have it in face mode selected. Note you need to save your file to able to update the smooth and flat surfaces.

    [blender wiki]

    -Clean up the export script.
    -Find a way to get the import psk as I am not doing any to it.

    -Animation selects check box.
    --Able to select your action on export. One that matches the bones set. If not it not be export to unreal engine. In case there was another armature bones that doesn't matches with the bones. Note this feature is save into your blender file as useful for not redo all the time. It my need rebuild object on export if there bones are different on armatures. Check export on the action set to export. Note it need two true check on export.

    -Select objects on export. This feature are save that it is config note you save your blend to able to do this. There are two object one is armature and other is the armature. It to keep it from conflict on export for types.

    Note you need to update the objects since it doesn't loop else lag the UI a bit.

    -Rebuild objects on export check box. This feature let you export raw object data. Without manually doing the operation like manually tri mesh or rebuild the armature bones in case of deform as well doesn't touch your objects. Party touch your object in a way to copy the data and convert into raw objects. It does every thing on your scene to link and unlink objects.

    Please note if export fail to export it will leave raw object in your scene.

    -Check mesh vertices. This will create a object in tri mesh as it same function is to check any dot error like two vertex share the same position will cause an error. It will show where the error is. Since blender ops commands need to able to select your vertex points.

    [Blender 2.66] [Export PSK/PSA Release build][2013.02.21] [download]

    -Blender api change for UIList deal with export and select that was bug before.
    -Working trying to get the objects non/select working as deal with some code lines need to be tested.
    -Remove group check export

    [Blender 2.65] [Export PSK/PSA Release build][2013.01.24] [download]
    -Rebuild the objects when export to deal with deform and animations.
    -scale working for psk and psa as I just modified the position scale.
    -blender 2.64 still work with this.
    -fixed one bug that deal with link point.(need to be worked on)

    IK Armature bone for animation:

    Here the following steps:
    * Two conditions before going to IK setup.
    * When working with the armature IK bone constraint. Be sure you test out the skeleton mesh in unreal engine for mesh deform.
    * If there no mesh deform we need to test out the animation. Simple would be the example sit pose. To make sure the animation is running correctly.

    * If those conditions are meets that there are no deform and no animation errors.

    * Then the next part is too add IK constraints. You need to test those IK animation before adding more action set to test it out.
    * Once all that done re-add the vertex groups for the mesh.
    * One finish the simple animation. You need to select the armature and set object to pose mode. We need to bake the action set. To do that you need to hover over the 3D view port.
    * Press SpaceBar > type > "bake action".

    * Start Frame 1
    * End Frame your current end animation
    * Only select [check true] (you need to select armature in pose for the bones to all the bones)
    * Bake Data [Pose] and [object] got to be deselect (false). So the all the pose that is hidden will work.

    * Once that done by default the action name is "Action" or this "Action.000x" in case the action is copy that is add by counter.

    To make sure that it was bake right. Rebuild the armature. That has add in for in case of deform rig. All the bones must match else it will show just what is seen on IK bones.

    For more information on how to setup. please note that I have not yet tested out the pre-rig armature on the video. (pre-rig armature) (quick rig)

    -Menu panels

    - Note There a limit for Vertex/vertices points is cap on is 32767 max value. Deal with pack data format. Short variable data. Basic you can't put tons of detail in polygons.

    -Mesh or armature can be deform when the objects are modified to look good. They have to be in raw format. Since the data doesn't read all the information there from the object type.- Blender files tend to break for transfer new blender files. - There might be few crashes or bugs.- Scaling different bones will not work that will effect the export. When scaling up or down they have to be same scaling as rest of the bones. In edit mode.- If the weights are screw up upon testing the animation or something. Try to re-import the mesh to fixed the weights. Mesh data tend to screw up how some in the exported script. Usually mesh has to be in raw data.-Mirror will not work the bones. If more than one. (not confirm)-Export script, export mesh and armature object in basic raw data from edit object data.-Material index error. Need to fix that next. You need a material in the mesh to make go away.-You will tend to get extra mesh(es) if the mesh fail to export.

    [Blender 2.64 Import Psk/Psa:][2012.11.26][BETA]
    Version: 2.2 [download]
    -Menu panel import and armature check import. Note if you can't get the importing working for animation since their default to:
    ARMATURE_OBJ = 'ArmObject'
    ARMATURE_DATA = 'armaturedata'
    check box for if there armature exist else it will ignore if there none in the list.
    Importing the bones position are working in some way just the rotation need be work to get it right. They may be not correct yet.

    User flufy3d has manage to get the import the psk and psa files code working. Update to current version of the script. I only manage to test out flufy3d psk and psa imported files and it seem to work and my files as well. As I just got the script from flufy3d from fews days ago.

    Note the rotation and animation data that have not test if they are right yet.

    -Here the link: blender 2.49 version old import psk/psa

    - Blender bone IKs empty setup on for UDK. Rig in skeleton mesh in blender 2.50 A.1 set build and export in blender 2.50 A.1 Tri mesh blender 2.50 A.1
    Helpful Links:

    Thanks for posting this! I'm just starting to learn blender - which I'm guessing will easier now with all the 2.5 changes Your software helps alot!


      Fixed Button error.
      Blender svn has been update to the scripts.


        -Fixed material id forgot to check it. It should work.
        -Added Action set list. It not yet code well. It just display what action set matches the armature object.


          I just want to notise, that script don't work anymore undo Blender 2.56.


            What you mean? To short to understand the sentence.


              I wanted to see what you changed after me, so i downloaded new version. There is no sign of exporter i Blender - i can't activate it.
              BTW, why you discarted my piece of code about original material names?


                Sorry about that. Didn't check the other coding part.

                Which part version are you using? The beta or the svn one?


                Selected meshes convert into single mesh that must with the same armature to make it work. Leave the clones merge mesh copy. That I need to work on later.


                  I used link in your first post...


                    Could you check your blender console output log. It should show some errors.


                      Exporter version svn, api: 31847 in Blender 2.56

                      line 979
                      line 991
                      line 1288
                      line 1883

                      Smoothing groups are missing
                      Vertex order are reversed


                        The script does not appear in my export menu either on Blender 2.56. Only the import script (in the import menu).


                          Did you see any log about in the blender console? It should say something the export error when it launches your blender. Which blender version are you using? using the svn or the blender 2.56 beta site? which os?


                            In my post up here ('11') you can find list errors. I've solved in mine and now is working, but not two last. For now i don't have time to do something with that. Maby you can..?


                              I am using Blender 2.56, got from official site with installer. Windows Seven x64.
                              Using the exporter being linked in your first post right now (api 31847).
                              The script file is in "C:\Users\Gwenn\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.56\scripts\addons" which looks OK.

                              I have no message in the console (apart from "Found bundled Python etc").

                              Nevertheless it does not show up in the user preferences. I checked ALL addons and it is not there.

                              FIXED: Just copypasted the info block at the beginning from the import script, replace Import by Export, and it shows up.
                              Then comment out the line 1979 (register code) and it accepts to register.

                              But then, I tried exporting a mesh I know it should export (exporting OK on 2.49), and: