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    Forgotton Unity - Beta 1

    Name: TDM-Forgotton_Unity.
    Version: Beta 1.
    Compatibility: PC.
    Description: Remake of older UT2004 map, full stuff is Work in progress thread here. Focus is on large-scale team combat, cover and tactical movement - lots of high ground and lots of places to hide I think, and keeping on dry ground is advised. Previously a old training zone, decommissioned and abandoned after the Skaarj were defeated and left to rot. You'll hear the gunfire all around when the battle starts, chances are you'll be lost too.
    Comments: Window 7 hates Zip archive creation apparently, more hassle than I thought. The fog of the map is a lot closer than screen-shots depict, it worked too slowly for me. There -are- some lighting oddities here and there, due to the 'perform full quality' function for building lighting... crashing my program in a rather depressing manner. This is essentially complete save for not using the full-quality light-building, all terrain is done, static meshes are basically done, likely wanting to add a few more but that's just me. Pathing is pretty much done, I'm not sure what else to add aside from a few more plants. Probably best played using the Crucible weapons pack, character speed at .65, lots of combatants.
    Screenshot: See WIP thread.
    Credits: Whoever made helpful suggestions and comments. Stevelois, Odedge, you two are awesome.
    Homepage: N/A? See WIP thread, most relevant.
    Download: Here!

    Edit; Who's the git that keeps 1-Starring everything anyway? "Lul th3y put effort into that, 1 star lolz"

    Hi dude

    So here it is finally,

    Don't worry about the star voting system,it's just cr*p

    I'll give it a go soon & THX for the nice credits


      Woop, thank 'ee Steve, hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as I did making it.


        Lighting and PP look good, D/Ling


          Alrightly, tiny update and nagging; 200 people seen this, so I'm wondering if anybody has downloaded and played it yet, I'm quite excited to see what people think. Looking forward to knowing what you think Archernar.

          As a side note, if anybody knows how to avoid crashing the Editor using 'Full quality' light-building, that would be brilliant.

          And second side-note, I'm making a smaller scale map vaguely based on a Halo screen-shot, looked like... a sort of makeshift outpost, pre-fabricated Human buildings on a plateau/mountainside with blueish background. I've got two terrains going so far, one for the playable mountainside/plateau and the second being vast background mountain ranges, re-sizing it sometimes because it looks too big and such. I won't make a promise about this one, just throwing it out there for ideas on making structures or planning opinions. And stuff.



            Hi dude

            I finally had the chance to play it,

            I can tell you put a huge amount of time designing the terrain & placing all those rocks together.

            On the good side. I must say I like the atmosphere of the map, very cool

            On the bad side, there are 2 major things I don't really like & I think you should focus on for later releases.

            1) Item placement isn't to good imho. You must jump walls to grab the Flak ? The distance between playerstart & items (weapons + ammo + health) is to far away in general. Many spots could hold an armor or a powerup. Others spots would be cool for Snipers. For an example, you can place the sniper on top of a rock, place 2-3 Jumpboots trough the map to bring some z-axis. It would definitely improve gameplay Bottom line, make ALL item worthy & keep in mind the risk vs reward while placing them

            2) Items to help players orient themselves. I don't know where I am, nor where I'm going !? Stuff like runes, pillars, wagon, crystals, whatever suit you must be placed so players know where they are & where to go.

            You have a nice B1 & if you manage to improve item placement + a way to help players how to orient therselves you have a winner in your hands.

            Hope it help.


              Should not have taken this long for me to respond... bleh. B1

              Righto, appreciating the imput Steve, aye - it did take a long time, perhaps too long given I did fart around with the layout and procrastinate quite a lot too...

              As for the bad points, I think I can agree except for a few minor points, the walls you need to jump should be the really short, 1-double jump types to vault over them at most, with it being intentional to generally keep items away from playerstarts such as weapons, however I can shift them around a bit... I can justify the lack of jump-boots partly, because that would make it quite difficult to keep people from jumping into normally in-accessible places, and I've little experience or want to include such a ability to jump higher then suddenly deny them that... but I will keep these things in mind if I continue with this map, as I have not been feeling up to much lately. Also could you perhaps provide a screen-shot or two for any good placements?

              For orientation, again I agree, as I've managed to get lost quite a few times, despite... you know... spending hours actually making all available routes. <<' I'll try and add further things to help orientate people, perhaps increasing fog-distance, with the reason of keeping it as close as it is, being that I'm not sure how slow that might make anyone else's machine go. Anyhoo, it definably helped, thank you very much so far Steve.


                shall dl this tomoz.


                  Well, increasing fog distance isn't the solution imo.

                  What you need imo is to add various objects with different colors so you won't need to change your current setup.

                  The most logical / natural object that would fit & is crystals. Thrallala use them in many maps & is materials are really awesome, you should try them & adjust the material color to your needs. That way, you could define various zones (red, blue, yellow, orange, etc) so players will know what to find where after a while.

                  Since jump boots is out of the question, you can add some steam coming from the ground that would "throw" players on higher spots or some far away spots like traveling 30%-50% of the map. For an idea of what I'm talking about, check my old DM-Station 12 map. I'm using that idea which fit with my story & it would be cool in your map. You can use a steam stock emitter or do your own, I don't doubt that you will come up with a nice looking one

                  For items placement, it's hard for me to suggest simply because in this type of layout, there is a huge amount of placement possibilities.

                  Hope it help


                    Hnn hn, looking forward to your review Snorkle, and still for yours Archerner.

                    Increasing the fog distance isn't a end-all solution, I'm just considering it due to possibly revealing more landmark-ish terrain so people know where to go a bit more.

                    Good idea to use crystals... haven't actually thought about using them beforehand, and with the throwing-steam it's a great idea, I'll see about implementing that, or at least Tournament-style Jump-pads. Checking your Station soon...

                    It's helping a lot Steve, again, thanks for the assistance.


                      great work Dragontear, but as stevelois I have great difficulty to guide me in your map, some useless '*** bag' does not help me (unless this is a position to take in a team-dm).
                      A culldistancevolume can improve performance when large teams fight.


                        Understood the difficulty in orientation/guidance, though your use of '*** bag' is new to me. XD The map's supposed to primarily be played in teams, though if I do a smaller player-count DM specific map, I'll reduce the size of the playable zone itself...

                        And already using cull-distance volume with 10+ variables due to the wide variety of static mesh sizes.


                          Originally posted by Dragontear View Post
                          Understood the difficulty in orientation/guidance, though your use of '*** bag' is new to me. XD The map's supposed to primarily be played in teams, though if I do a smaller player-count DM specific map, I'll reduce the size of the playable zone itself...
                          Size of the map is not a problem, i currently like it, but when i playing in team a have difficult to explain quickly my position:

                          Team-leader: "where are you?"
                          Team-nember: "near to the rocks." (It isnt clear)
                          Team-leader: "...., join us at the flak-ruins" (It is clear)

                          Current look is very nice and i am aware that add crystals, dead trees alter the original design of your map, but you can also divide the postprocess in four color slightly different, add more item, or increase/reduce rain in some place: just add landmark.
                          If you reduced the size of the map it wont be necessary but its a pity.
                          Originally posted by Dragontear View Post
                          And already using cull-distance volume with 10+ variables due to the wide variety of static mesh sizes.
                          sorry, this must come from my pc (but i played a 10vs10)

                          "*** bag" translation of the french expression "cul de sac" to say: "road without exit" (traductor have many issue)