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CTF-GRD-WarMachine [With Youtube video featuring "Alive" by POD]

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    CTF-GRD-WarMachine [With Youtube video featuring "Alive" by POD]

    Name: CTF-GRD-Warmachine

    Version: Beta 2

    Compatibility: UT3 with titan pack

    Description: This is a re-creation from the gears of war map called WarMachine.

    Comments: Please comment if you like this map or at least the video, about 6 or 7 weeks went into this map constructing it and getting it right!

    Changes from beta 1 include, in no particular order:

    - Moved some of the power-ups to the center cap point at the top of the stairs at the end of the map.

    - Fixed collision on some meshes especially where you could get stuck as a titan at the start points.

    - Added physical materials to the stone and wood meshes.

    - Removed extra link ammo near central cap point.

    - Changed map prefix to "Warmachine" in the maplist instead of GRD-Warmachine.

    Youtube video:


    Credits: Epic Games, POD, and Me


    Download for PC here:

    And if you'd like a PS3 cook also, just PM me for one.

    look good downoad now
    edit you map give me a runtime error
    where you can get the gears of war char whit costum sound


      **** dude, those pics look great

      Will try it asap


        Hope you enjoy it

        And the gears characters are here:


          Looks sweet man! Dude you have a knack with these gears themed maps for sure ..


            Thank you! The problem sometimes is when I have the GOW editor open and the UT3 editor open at the same time, gears of war characters are about 1.5x bigger so that means the meshes can seem big compared to UT3 characters. Not all maps work out perfectly when re-creating them from scratch in the UT3 editor.


              I tried to try out the map, but got a runtime error. The first time it was early on when loading the map. The second time was right after I saw a glimpse of the actual map.


                It might be because I'm using a sky texture from the titan pack but not sure. I will fix it and upload a 2nd version that doesn't use a texture from the titan pack when I get home later.


                  Ok hopefully the issue is fixed now, I changed the skybox texture so that it's map specific now. Download link updated in the first post.


                    Originally posted by »TheHitMan« View Post
                    Download link updated in the first post.
                    MediaFire is having issues. Besides the annoying popup ads, it loads your download page, then right before it gives me a link to download the newer version, it states that the page can not be found.


                      weird... it works fine for me. I guess when I get back home from work today I can upload it to fileplanet...


                        Works fine for me too, gonna give the map a test play in a minute or so aswell


                          lol ok, I spoke too soon. Download works fine but when I try to unzip it says the file is corrupt.


                            sigh... I give up... I have no idea whats wrong


                              Did you include all GOW stuff in your map package?

                              And @ corrupt .zip file, I guess you uploaded a new one with the skydome texture changes you talked about and the new one didn't zip properly :P

                              Would be a shame to give up this easily.