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DM-Alcatraz [beta] [pics][final beta][updated]

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    DM-Alcatraz [beta] [pics][final beta][updated]

    -DM Alcatraz final beta
    -this is the last beta release for DM-Alcatraz. Most issues have been addressed and i thank all who gave their advice. The file size has been greatly reduced, there have been several gameplay tweaks and some aesthetic issues have also been dealt with. Lighting has been improved and some new PPFx have been added. I'll be interested to hear people's opinions on the ppfx and if they like them or not. You'll have to play the game to see what i'm talking about. There's also a couple secrets that you should be able to figure out without much difficulty. Have fun!
    -note: the screen shots are of the first and second beta. The yellowness is gone and there have been some minor architectural changes. Hopefully this will make people dl and play the map before they pass judgement- since screenshots can never provide an accurate depiction of a map. (new screens will ofcourse be provided in the final release)

    Version:Beta 2
    Compatibility:most up to date ut3
    Description: DM-Alcatraz is a prison map based on Alcatraz in San Francisco. It is by no means a blueprint but is merely inspired by the concept. The map includes some custom models i made in 3ds max. Enjoy the map and please feel free to give me your opinion or advice.


    looks nice from picts....perhaps a bit yelowish

    thx for ur work....D/L


      A bit yellowish? cmon Bl!tz, it looks like the map takes place inside pacman

      Other than the overall very yellow color it looks pretty good.


        Thanks for the advice. I toned down the yellowness a bit and the changes will take effect when i release the next beta. It did sort of look like pacman crapped all over the level, especially in the final screenshot. I need more suggestions before i re-release the map tho. Also, if anyone has tried the map can you tell me if the custom models work? I might have said that before but i just want to reiterate.


          yoo mate i just tryed ur baby;
          i like:
          - the general layout visually and for the action too ;thoses corridors surounding the "cages" are very fun to play and the external "broken" part on the top & roof is fun too
          -the sea and the sunset
          -the hole teleporting into the lethal room
          -the idea who did that enormous green s*** but i still scared 1 hour later

          i like less:
          -the respawn points facing walls
          -some textures & meshes misalignements(theres one awfull on one wall facing a respawn point)
          -the lighting:hard lack of contrasts; it look like if u was using a too strong yellowish skylight; this kill all contrasts .the sunset dont casts light & shadows on the map ;or nothing noticeable.could be a super improvement to the map to play with that famous sunset
          -the helmet and the thingpads so close
          -the weapons ammos all together
          -the invisible blocking volumes all around the map; always more clean to have something to materialize em; a grid for example
          -the general disposition of weapons and items (the actual placement dont motivate to navigate the whole map)
          -the bots seem to prefer the bottom of the map

          last point: the cages grids have no collision; ok it s better for the gameplay but it s really weird to stand...with a grid through ur body

          i hope this can help a little
          thx for this very promising map and all the hours u ve put in