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BT-Indiana demo2v6 [PC][Beta][Pics][DL]

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    BT-Indiana demo2v6 [PC][Beta][Pics][DL]

    Name: BT-Indiana

    Version: 2.6

    Compatibility: UT3 2.1 w/ Titan

    It's a map for the BunnyTrails mod. All you have to do is get to the end of the level. Alive. Make your way across the valley in nighttime, explore the temple and survive all of its traps. Do not forget to take note about your hint: this will save your life! Freely inspired by Lucas' Indiana Jones traps.

    This is a demo: only and second part is available (third is being tested right now). 2.6 specifies number of parts (2) and time edited (6). Now it seems to be flawless, but online testing is the better way to discover bugs.
    Please report any bug and feedbacks are welcome
    Actually I don't care about spectator's cam floating everywhere or no collision with static meshes (e.g. mountains) that let you pass through and fall in the void. I will fix those in the final release, but still report if found,
    What is most important is that everything works properly (I had issues with shooting walls). I'm looking fore malfuncions and shortcuts not desired.



    Credits: Epic Games (UT3), ArDru (BT creator), Leonyda (Dragons design), George Lucas (Jonsie), Siberio (map), TamTempleKlan's server and ICHNUSA server for hosting, Epic Forum user NickG for Kismet helping.

    TamTemple download
    Strategy Informer download

    So far it looks just great (I spectated good players who can pass it). I'm looking forward to seeing the next room :-)


      Actually I am working on it. I am making Kismet networks for preventing players taking more than 3 boots (2 is ok, could happen).
      I have also improved lighting and building's appearence.
      v2.0 will be soon released as a test.


        Released second part and now testing third...
        Added 3 more obstacles. Have fun!