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    Personally i would not enjoy it.
    WOW what a constructive criticism you did...Did you forgot this is a beta section mate? Thats is the reason why is posted in this section let him to fix with patience this map

    the rest comment its ok may help him


      Forgot to mention it, but the map requires the titanpack

      Originally posted by TKBS View Post
      Nice and small, good for downloads.
      Ummm. lets just say its very basic.Again probably good for new players to download.

      The entire map has Huge gaps.Not good.

      Personally i would not enjoy it. But:
      *If you Keep it this simple and tidy up the errors/ ... im sure others [nasty shoebox fans would play it]
      Finalise and i could put it on a secondary noob/ bot server to obtain player feedback for you

      p.s. the ice you have would benefit from the super cool physics that AzureScorch used on his floodgate conversion [really nice, simple, and clever idea]
      What do you mean by it having huge gaps do you mean the problem that i forgot to add blocking volumes at in the map so you can't get out of the map?

      And i can understand that you wouldn't enjoy it since the gameplay ain't that nice, but that is because it was my first map (I tried to improve).
      thats why its also Very Basic.

      And i will also try to fix the minimap problem since the flags that show up on the minimap ain't on the right places.


        Nice map