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CTF-Sacrosanct [download] [BETA Test] [Pics]

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    CTF-Sacrosanct [download] [BETA Test] [Pics]

    Name: CTF-Sacrosanct
    Version: Beta
    Compatibility: PC
    Screenshot: More screens can be found here
    the lighting has improved a little since these screens
    Download: Link

    I was wondering if anyone would like to give me some feedback here.

    CTF or VCTF? What do you reckon.

    Lighting etc but the bots run ok.
    not optimised yet of course so it might run a little choppy in places.

    any ideas regarding the bridge and immediate area would be really helpful

    the lighting has improved a little since these screens

    many thanks

    Don't know why, but I can feel this is going to be a good map. I like the look of it.

    I think this is suitable for both CTF & VCTF


      Played it.

      I'd vote for CTF only. Also, I found the outdoor area (mountains, terrain etc) to be extremely unnecessary, there's way too much dead space, I would probably remove that whole area tbh, the map would be big enough without it.

      Throughout the map there's also quite a few meshes that don't fit with the theme. (industrial meshes)

      Probably too many health vials, no directions to the opposite base.

      Some hallways are a bit too narrow.

      You could probably have picked a better material for the rocks/mountains

      Other than that, I like it. The architecture is great, I'm definitely looking forward to a newer version. Especially if you do some work on the Lighting


        Cheers guys.

        It's funny you mentioned the outdoor area as I have been unsure about it myself. I might go back to my original plan of a courtyard and make the map smaller and tighter.

        cheers for the feedback


          I would have to second what Thrallala said.
          -The distance between bases is tyrannically long, so I'm glad you'll work making it more compact.
          -The entrance from the landscaped area to the built up area has you running straight into a wall (middle stairs) - not good.
          -Going with spider mines is a risky proposition some people feel that their more suited to vehicle combat.
          -The fountain coming form the gargoyle is to low poly, I would aim for something like the one in Hidrotrik (UOF map pack) That one you use works best from a distance.
          -I really like the epic architecture 1st pic.
          -Your map has heaps of potential, keep up the good work.


            Thanks Achernar.

            I have cut the main area out and I'm replacing it with more geometry.
            I hear what you say about spider mines. Personally I like them and they can be a lot of fun in the opposing flag room. I might hide one somewhere.

            thanks again