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CTF- Sludge Factory [Updated]

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    CTF- Sludge Factory [Updated]

    CTF-Sludge Factory
    By ZensDeath

    Sludge Factory ZipFile

    Version: BETA 1

    Compatibility: PC


    A small CTF map based in a industrial factory that is used for the creation of slime. Set underground in a cavern complex, part of the factory has slowly fell into ruin. Both teams are fighting to take hold of this forgotten resource.


    This is the first UT3 map I’ve created. I used the small map and simplistic layout just for an introduction into the editor. I really didn’t want to get too complicated on it. I still need to add sound and music into the level, but after that I will post it on here so I can get some feedback on it.


    Here is a pdf with a few more higher res screens Sludge Factory PDF

    Homepage: I started a post with the creation process here:

    Have we got a download link for the actual map? It looks pretty interesting, I am keen to give it a play through.


      Following the dev on your blog is very interesting.

      But posting a map in a beta forum without anything to download isn't gonna help you polish your work.

      Pics is something, playing is another thing.

      Will add the map in my CTF thread when a download version will be available.


        What Steve said


          Sorry about that guys, I added the map zipfile download underneath the map name on the main post.


            Alright I have given it a run through and there are a few major things that need sorting.

            There is one large gameplay flaw in that there is only one access to the flag room. This would not be so bad if there were a second entrance nearby, but in this scenario you need to run up a long corridor before you reach the flag. This gives the defender not only the height advantage, but also forces any attacker to take the same route. An idea I had was to create a balcony area outside of the flag room with an entrance at the side of the room. This balcony could be accessed from by a lift, or by translocator, allowing the attackers to have a second route of access, as well as making the sniper rifle a more useful weapon in that area.

            Secondly on the subject of weapons, the avril is not required on a map without vehicles. It is a waste of a spawn point which would be more suited to something like a rocket launcher

            Thirdly the lighting needs to be improved. I don't just mean aesthetic lighting, the level needs to be brightened up to make it more playable. It does not need to be blindingly bright, but just enough to actually be able to see where you are going. Put some backlighting in (very low brightness, wide radius lighting) to light up some of the darkest areas. Also that massive gapping hole in the cave side with the sun pouring through should have light reflecting that on the inside of the cave. That should be a massive source of light. Upon that you should have light being emitted from every single light source. All those little lights on the side of the meshes should be emitting light. If it is not your intention to have those meshes causing light, then use a material that does not have those lights on (they do exist and if they don't they are easy enough to create with a material instance as most mesh materials with lights have a variable to adjust light colour. Set that to black and it is as good as having no light.)

            Fourthly, you need to sort out collisions. With a map so reliant upon meshes, such as this one, you need to manually create collision boxes for the majority of routes. In some cases this will probably mean removing the collisions from the original mesh, and manually replacing with a more simplistic one that will prevent players from catching or get stuck on the mesh. There are numerous areas that are like this, such as that round tunnel with the leaves around it. That becomes awkward to get through because that meshes is notorious for having a bad collision model. Also there is an area with some steps that just seem to block you rather than allowing you to walk up them. I am not quite sure why this does this but it needs to be sorted. There are other general areas, walking close to walls etc. where you randomly get stuck or blocked. All the collisions of the meshes along the walls should be changed to weapon only (so weapon fire still hits them), and have a new collision model placed in using the collision volume (this should be set to blockpawnonly, or something like that).

            Fifth, you should have better indication of direction. This may improve with better lighting but I was finding myself getting lost, and I should not have to rely on M to find my way back to base. Indicate the sides of the map with colour co-ordinated lights. There should be a redish theme to red side and a bluish theme to blue side. Also get some more arrows in place, not just near the flag. If anything the arrows are less essential by the flag as that is the obvious spot, it is in the middle of the map. In some areas of the map the layout should probably be simplified a little bit. This should make the map flow better and reduce the problems of getting lost.

            There are also smaller cosmetic issues which are not so much of a problem, just for accuracy sake and to make the level look nice. For example the lift should have some kind of mechanism to lift it, such as a pillar beneath it pushing it up. Also the lift should make some kind of noise when activated. Perhaps one of those fans should move to stir the sludge (you would need to manually reposition the pivot point on that particular mesh so that it is in the centre).

            For now that is all I can think of. I can give another play through later and get back to you with more detailed descriptions of what I think should be changed, if you wish.


              Overall I thought this was a great bit of mapping.
              I dont find it overly dark as Syphix mentions but the rest of his comments i agree with within my limited understand of the mapping process.
              a couple more:
              The player apawn points need a bit of adjutment. I spawned a few times in a drain cover hole.
              If you do keep the lift and flag room arrangement another access to the lift would help or even two lifts per base.
              It seems some areas of sludge give damage while others dont.
              Thanks for your work.


                Thanks for the input guys! I new about a couple of the issues. The one entrance issues I haven't been able to figure out what I wanted to do with it, so if you guys have anymore ideas that would be great. Also, thanks for the weapons critiquing. I haven't played UT3 enough to get to know the weapons advantages and disadvantages. So if you guys have any thoughts on weapons and power up placement those would be greatly welcomed.

                At the moment I'm going to work on the one entrance, lighting and collision. Let me know if you see anything else.