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CTF-Prickler-Beta1 [Beta][Pics][Video][Download]

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    Hey, it is true that it is simple and pleasant, but avoids placing health and armor too near to the walls: I have the impression of hitting me in the wall before to take health. (It could have a better atmosphere if you improve lights)

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  • started a topic CTF-Prickler-Beta1 [Beta][Pics][Video][Download]

    CTF-Prickler-Beta1 [Beta][Pics][Video][Download]

    Name: CTF-Prickler
    Version: Beta 1
    Compatibility: Latest Steam version (currently 2.1)
    Description: Simple map layout, ideally be suitable for lan party where the time to learn a maps layout is not that high.
    Comments: This is my first map!! Started as paper sketch and inspired by flag running on any Thorns map you've ever played. We tried to play some ctf at a local lan party recently and discovered there are very few maps that come stock with UT3 that are small and easy to learn, but suitable for a large number of players. I've played a few godlike botmatches with 3v3, 5v5, 8v8. Really looking for criticism on weapon, health, armor placement. I'm still learning about all things UE3 so any comments on what i've got going are welcome. And have briefly followed some of the Buzz3d tutorials and also a little bit of hourences' tutorials but there are a lot of options for 'eye candy' i'd like to try out.

    Unreal Series for inspiration / a slick editor.