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CTF-Atonement [BETA][Video][Pics][Updated: 6-15-2010]

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    Looks nice bit late to test but I'll try it out.

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    I play the map,

    This one was in my list of map to test & I didn't read the previous comments.

    I must say it look very nice. I really love the sky.

    In general, I kind of like it but gameplay / flow wise, it doesn't play well in CTF mode. TBH, it's more a FFA DM map than anything else.

    The layout doesn't suit well for CTF & the pickup placement isn't balance. It's even worst with all the powerups much to close to each other & there is to much of them. The visuals / atmosphere / sounds are very nice but the CTF mode ruin everything.

    I have no idea where I'm positioned &/or where I must go. Indications are crucial & there is none.

    I had some issues about collisions here & there. Also, I could get out of the play area but I don't understand the purpose of this while playing ? Like you can jump down in the water but you can't come back into the action almost from anywhere. You can also teleport on places you shouldn't. The decals with your signature is out of place imo & should be more subtle.

    The lifts are working great but the meshes in use for the platform isn't looking right & they don't cast shadows neither. I suggest you use another mesh & activate dynamiclights at least for the platform. The underground lift with the dynamics rocks that attach / detach to it is really something unique

    I don't understand the blue crystal effect. It's ultra bright from a distance & emit nothing when getting close to it ???

    The PP effect for the KEG is way to much bright.

    The vest placement is a good spot but to much trouble to collect (it doesn't flow right). TBH, placing it very close to the KEG isn't good for gameplay neither.

    Lot's of the light brightness inside the structures are to much. Like the rounded mesh on the ceiling close to the flak.

    The light mesh in the tower at the red flag base is emitting a blue color. It should be red instead of blue.

    I know you put a lot of efforts into it. I like the level very much & I play CTF almost as much as DM but the CTF mode doesn't fit for me. Mostly all others things are purely aesthetic & some collisions to fix.

    You have a nice map in your hand, keep it up

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    Just checking in with some more updates. I have a version which I feel is just about release quality. I am having another video created to showcase a new addition to the regular CTF game which is embedded in the map. Once it is finished I'll add some more!

    So I'm just not adding text, here is a screenshot of the kismet used to make the new game mode.


    -->Kismet script built to handle checking of various CTF 'Advanced' variables
    -->All parts working and functional in game
    -->Other Team Notification Functional
    -->Matinee sequences all firing correctly for various components.
    -->Attached objects all working correctly for Dynamic Physics Volumes.
    -->PPEffects triggered according to game events for game mode.
    -->Fail Safe measures seem to be working for abnormal game conditions such as players voting for Normal and Advanced at the same time.
    -->Spawning of Crystals has been resolved to only spawn one per cycle.

    -->Known Issue: Voting is not team dependent
    ===>If you're not willing to vote in the time it takes the other team to get to your side of the map then you probably don't care anyways what mode the map is set to.
    ====>This was also set to not be team dependent so instant matches could still play in 'Advanced' mode.

    -->Adjusted Material to compensate for opacity for contacting surfaces
    -->Adjusted Color and distortion appearance to meld better with the map theme

    -->Color alterations done to light cones/light house cones
    -->Light spheres added to lights not projecting in a cone fashion
    -->Further adjustments to shadows/lighting

    -->Cave interior terrain altered to use a more suitable rock terrain
    ===>This resolved the abnormally bright rock issue when the map was published

    Particle Effects:
    -->Various effects created/edited to many areas of the map
    ==>Rock Lift Energy Distortions
    ==>Cave Dust
    ==>Crystal Explosion
    ==>Rocket Fire
    ==>Rocket Smoke Trail

    -->Added Meshes in several areas of the map to further polish the look and feel of the map
    ==>Helped to fill in areas where it seemed too naked or not enough happening.

    -->Several Sounds added for CTF 'Advanced' mode
    -->Other various sounds adjusted to better reflect the intended feel for the published version.

    Cool, so were there any other things which you saw while playing the map that made you think...

    "Why is this here?"
    "This could better be placed in this position." - IE Weapon/Item Placement or just meshes in general
    "The colors are off on this."
    "It would be cool if this was in the map."
    "Something about the scale here seems off."
    "I expected to hear _____."
    "Maybe I don't like this particular _____________ after all."

    At any rate, thank you very much for your guys input it is greatly appreciated. If you have any other concerns/suggestions/ideas about the map that you haven't voiced yet please do so!

    Take it easy!

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    sli on + dynamic shadows on + spect mode:

    sli on +dynamic shadows on + in game:

    sli on + dynamic shadows off + spect mode:

    sli on +dynamic shadows off + in game:

    sli off + dynamic shadows off + in game:

    sli off +dynamic shadows on + in game:

    all that on the same rig; with the bigest drop downs outside between the flag bases and the bridges; inside the caves & structures it s acceptable and reliable to the pp effects
    i m gonna try to install it on my second pc (athlon64 X2@3.3ghz+Sli2X8800GT-oc) to have an idea how it run
    it s the third time that i have more problems than the other users on diff rigs but the two other times it was clearly a sli problem (other sli users had the same issues) but here it s something else....****! because after all thoses little test i can confirm that the map is a pure asskick

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    Originally posted by Bl!tz~ View Post

    first i want to say that i agree with all points & ideas mentionned by Achernar m8(especially the earth quake effect on the lift) except on the framerate;with dynamic shadows on i had mega drop downs around the flag bases and in some other places (everywhere where are very bright things or pp effects)...i have not a monster rig and on that kind of maps it s not a win (phenomIIx4@3.5ghz+sli2x9800GTX-OC)
    I have been trying to replicate this problem on a few different rigs and have not been able to. You're system specs surpass the rig I'm using to create the map. I even used a rig without a video card to try and replicate but to no avail... I have an SLI setup too, however I have had it disabled to edit. Have you tried loading the map with SLI disabled?

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions, I'm hoping to have your problem resolved before I release but, I'm running out of ideas on my end for what could be causing it.

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    This is a major bit of mapping. I think its great and hope you polish it up to final stage.

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    Thanks a lot for the comments,suggestions and welcomes guys! I'll be doing some testing around 7-8 PM Friday Night with some friends from my clan. It would be awesome to get some more people in on the player testing. The server name should have 'JUNN' in it somewhere.

    The idea behind the map originally began as a cross between some of the elements of Yosemite National Park and Alcatraz. After working on it and watching my girlfriend watch X-Files nearly the entire time while I worked it took a Sci-Fi twist. The idea then became that this was a military research facility which had stumbled upon some kind of unknown element which only formed in these caves. The military found out that the properties of this specific element were very volatile and then took action to try and attach it into a warhead. Based upon the looks of the level I tried to show that something went wrong and the base was abandoned/destroyed.

    Just underneath the keg-o-health there is actually a missile which goes down a couple hundred feet. It is difficult to see because of the post processing volume and the water filling it. I had originally intended to leave the missile bay open to be viewable to the player more easily however getting water planes to look correct seems to cause me lots of issues. I spent two days trying different methods to get the water to look correct with the height fogs and lighting. So I said screw it and tried to make it look like the element which was packed into the missile was emanating outwards into the room. Hence the beam of light and post processing effect.

    Also, I'm doing most of the weapon/pickup layouts from memory of the original UT. I haven't played religiously since then and fear my skills have diminished as a result so, placement may not be spot on for some items.

    Thanks again for the suggestions it is much appreciated. I'll start taking notes and see what I can fix.

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    Originally posted by Achernar View Post
    My apologises Stevelois.
    No prob. dude

    In case CrudeJUNN is interested I've corrected the original post.
    Good idea

    BTW CrudeJUNN, the vid is very cool. Well made & the map does look very nice in the vid even with the pixelized vid quality so good job.

    Just by the pics, I have things to suggest but I'll wait to look & fell the map ingame to provide accurate feedback. Still, it's an excellent start & I can see the influence of the old 'Runes' game in this map

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  • replied
    My apologises Stevelois.

    In case CrudeJUNN is interested I've corrected the original post.

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    Screenshots looked nice so I had to give it a quick run :P

    Great Atmosphere, the rock pillar lift is pretty cool and the meshing is very well done.

    I do have some suggestions though.

    1. As said before, the water should kill whoever enters it.
    2. While the rock pillar lift is cool, there are no signs near it showing that there's a lift there rather than just a rock mesh.
    3. The water texture should be scaled bigger
    4. I'm not sure about having slow fiels, udmg and shield belt so close to each other.
    5. The lightbeams @ Keg are way too bright.
    6. The orange light actors you have near orange light meshes are too bright and there radius is far too small. In addition, the spotlights are also way too bright.
    7. Definitely needs some proper blocking volumes all over the place, I could translocate to a lot of places outside the main layout.
    8. As said before, earthquake sound effects would fit better for the rock pillar lift.

    That is all, keep up the good work!

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  • replied
    Pics look very good

    BTW, for the Enforcer tut, always look at my homepage. Tuts elsewhere my homepage are all outdated.

    Will try it asap

    & it's a very nice first UT3 map dude

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    this looks awesome
    D/L...thx for ur work

    just had a run on it and here are some comments & ideas:

    first i want to say that i agree with all points & ideas mentionned by Achernar m8(especially the earth quake effect on the lift) except on the framerate;with dynamic shadows on i had mega drop downs around the flag bases and in some other places (everywhere where are very bright things or pp effects)...i have not a monster rig and on that kind of maps it s not a win (phenomIIx4@3.5ghz+sli2x9800GTX-OC)

    -i found very odd to not die while falling in the sea; survivance there dont bring anything to the gameplay and if it s posssible to come back on tha map in ctf with the teleporter in greed it s very annoying to be forced to suicide to go back in the action
    -the scaling of the sea looks weird :all the waves are aligned and dont look natural
    -lot of collisions issues on the ground, it break the mooves flow
    -the blue and red bright effect from the "lighthouses " is nice but the mirror that generate em need some coloration; it s actually quite white/uncolored (perhaps a red lamp or something unreal to generate such a "flash"...mirrors seems a bit light to me)
    -the rock lift is awesome but it seem that all thoses rocks havent collision and they goes through players...could be very fun if they was damaging health and pushing/hurting players
    -the megabright effect with pp on the superhealth is a bit too much imo and looks like if it have no explication/source it dont jump to eyes that it comes from under the grid where sit the megahealth pack
    -ur caves are superb but here too if found thoses bright effect a bit too much and very damaging on framerate results
    -the athmosphere of the map is intense and pleasant but some music is really welcome

    meshing; layout and lighting are solid; ur sky and ur style are pure asskicks,this is a pleasant map to play but it s a piece of art first! congratz... keep it up

    edit2: first map? wow...impressive; welcome aboard btw

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    First impressions:

    Great environment, very derelict, in places it reminds me of Fallout 3.

    The rock pillar lift, assembly/ disassembly looks really good. But I'm thinking the sound effect isn't quite right. An earth quake or building shack sound may work better but thats just my opinion.

    The shear size of the map is awesome, lots of different ways to get around, so the map has a lot depth which is great. However it's very easy to get lost for a new comer, perhaps some red and blue markers/arrows may help or even raising the red and blue light houses so one can get their bearing.

    Pickups and health seem ok on the whole ok but spawn points close to flag have you chasing a weapon for a few moments which is a distraction. Perhaps add an enforcer close by, if your worried about repetition of weapons. If your interested here's a tutorial:

    I liked the slow field shield vs the invulnerability seemed a good balance, provided one doesn't have both.

    Frame rate seemed solid through out the map with is great.

    I found a collision issue on a rubble mesh near the shock rifle.

    All the best with your map.

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    looks good, though way to complex and big for me

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  • replied
    Welcome aboard.

    Screen shots look great. Downloading now and give you some feed back a bit later.

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