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DM-Richter DM-Chiasma Added[RC][Vid][Pics][Updated 24.10.2010]

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    Originally posted by gargorias View Post
    Hey stevelois if that is a custom mesh/s then it would be much better to just create the BV/s in MAX wouldn't it?
    Indeed, you can use third party's apps to do the job. Still, this is a simple method that is use on stock assets which is very useful :

    - To get rid of multiple complex collisions models, saving memory & collisions problems while playing (won't hurt gameplay + flow).
    - Use the built-in tools that are already optimized withing the engine.


      DM-Richter has been Subdivided yet again. Now the Berserk is a stand along map DM-Chiasma_RC

      This map has none of the Richter effects hence the rename.

      -Changed Post Process to early evening feel
      -Re-worked lighting
      -Added many light cones for ambiance
      -Swapped out the sky mesh for a dusk feel
      -Tweaked the fog layer
      -Blocked off the U-Damage area and added some more pathways in shield belt room
      -Swapped out a few meshes
      -Removed some tiles and replaced with BSP
      -Added a new sound track - VeloCity, thanks to zYnthetic form his album PLAY & CBP team

      All feed back welcome


        wow....another map in ze map; will try ur new baby asap...D/L...thx


          Cheers Bl!tz

          Hope the scale feels a bit better this time.