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WAR-GOW_The_Ark (beta3 6/4/10)

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    beta 3 download with changelist in first post.



      Minimap issue is the only thing i've found so far.

      I've got it uploaded to the mpuk war pickup so we should be able to test some 5v5's hopefully.


        ****, the GOW guys mentioned the minimap problem also, in beta2, but I was unable to reproduce the bug myself. I tested the map extensively in instant action and in editor and never witnessed this problem.

        I will keep digging for the problem. Maybe it is due to the map being uncooked? The package being uncooked? It kind of sucks to have to release another beta just for 1 bug, so far that is, especially when I cant seem to see the bug for myself.


          I've had it in the past. Can't for the life of me remember how to fix it though.

          It may be due to Paths not being rebuilt or if that isnt it, quite possibly some of your minimap settings.

          I didn't have it in BETA2 myself. That was tested online in BETA3 might be fine offline, ill have to look.


            So i just tested it again, on the same server and it was fine.


              thanks, if there are any more problems I will make beta3V2 in which I have redone all mymapinfo otherwise that will be done in a future version.

              Barring any gamebreaking bugs I am going to hold off on another version for awhile while I plan out special effects (sounds, countdown node FX) and more custom decorations.

              If there are any more suggestions for making this a better pickup map I am not against making some additions/changes.

              I wish there was cool stuff going on like pickup games in the US.


                You're always welcome. We have a few americans, mainly hinter and infra, but yeah #mpukut3.warfare on quakenet if you want


                  Jolly good; a warefare map that doesn't freeze on me
                  Dont know about the technical mapping points but i do know its an intersting map and great fun to play. Thanks mate. Great job.


                    We played a pug on it today. If you wish i can upload the demo of it for you.

                    Lockers seem to have all weapons, effectively making pickups worthless. And adding some un-needed spam. No sure the bio-rifle is really needed.

                    After actually playing with people, i wish the width of the prime node area was wider. It feels cramped compared to the countdown, and as a result I find myself at the countdown node much more.

                    I don't mind the speedboots, however they seem to last a little too long for a map of this size maybe?

                    Overall the rest seems very solid Some of the guys with lower end rigs were complaing of some bad FPS. so maybe some optimization would help them.


                      I really like all the small hiding spots in this map, kinda fun to exploit everyones
                      silly running-around-advancing behaviour. No other map has this feature


                        Really good map. However, it runs pretty poorly on lower end machines. Could you maybe set some of the decorative static meshes to High Detail and such? At the moment my render time is 25ms and my frame rate is around 35

                        Some collision issues on some wooden ramps, other than that I have no complaints. I like it


                          I'm glad some people like this map and thanks for the compliments Unfortunately beta 3 should be considered the final version or at least my final version. I just cant map for a game I dont play anymore. This map is uncooked and the package containing the assets is also uncooked so if anyone wants to do anything with it feel free.

                          Maybe I will catch some of you playing Brink, or Crisis 2. Until those games hit stores I will be playing and mapping for UT2k4 so an ONS map or 2 similar to WAR-The Ark may be out sometime in the near future

                          Long live PC gaming.


                            It's a shame you aren't going to finish it. I might finish it off for you in the future, unless someone else does.


                              Originally posted by Cr4zyB4st4rd View Post
                              It's a shame you aren't going to finish it. I might finish it off for you in the future, unless someone else does.
                              If no one else does you better finish it off, you f***ing c*** <3