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WAR-GOW_The_Ark (beta3 6/4/10)

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    WAR-GOW_The_Ark (beta3 6/4/10)

    UT3 Warfare


    PC, Titan Pack required

    Description: Environment based on an upcoming game to be released later this year, Brink, that I just couldnt wait to play.....UT style. Like the movie WaterWorld, there is no more land only water. People live on floating arks in overcrowded cities/slums built from shipping containers and any other scraps they can get from incoming ships. Rival (red and blue) gangs are fighting for control of this "container city".

    * Aimed at 3vs3 play

    * No vehicles

    * speedboots pickup created by Ambershee

    node links:

    SS (may not accurately represent updated versions):
    Credits: Epic, Splash Damage, all in GOW, Ambershee, 5th Symphony, Cr4zyB4st4rd, Bloodk1ng, CG textures for custom graffiti.

    beta3 changelist:
    * increased brightness of directional lights to more closely resemble Brink.
    * fixed collision of some meshes
    * countdown node now does 25 damage after 45 seconds
    * added jump pads to get on roof above countdown node
    * you can no longer shoot cores from afar
    * reduced size of countdown pier so you can no longer get out of play area
    * new water material that doesnt screw up particle effects

    Download (16.02MB zipped):
    *NOTE: if you have any previous versions of this map installed make sure to replace ALL of the old files with the updated ones in the newest version above.
    *Note2: this map is NOT intended for play with mutators that allow a player to fly or get high into the air.

    nice, I like these kind of small WAR-maps!
    Those many containers look really cool, just like in a real harbour xD
    This is going to be fun


      thanks Sp4der

      download link up in first post.


        Thank, its an incredible work ]Sanch3z!

        -I've been surprised by the concerns of the details and the custom powerups (i like it)
        -I think that lights can be better
        -players start with all weapons?
        -I noticed two blocking-volumes:

        and the lamp is a small little too low (same blue as red side)

        (how it enables smart button?)))


          thanks Bloodk1ng, those things have been adjusted and will be fixed in the next version. I am going to keep that players get all weapons from start though. Thats how it is in BTA and what I am going for with this map.

          S.M.A.R.T button: I wish I knew how to implement "parkour" type movement into UT3. The hoverboard key could be modded to some kind of advanced movement system and work well in this game


            good work on this map it really look good


              well good recreation, I like your work

              keep on the good job and make it to UT2004 to


                gave this a quick test in instant action, didnt get to finish the round. Two things.

                The countdown node does 50 damage to core? seems excessive.

                The linked node seems very closed in in comparison, 2 entrances per side basically. Making it rather easy to camp in there. A 5th entrance from above the node through the crates between linked node and the middle area would be nice.

                As it is, you only need to hold the countdown twice, if the 50dmg is right. And then makes the linked node seem useless, there would be no use in linking it up because you only need one or two defenders and let the rest cover the countdown.


                  Originally posted by Cr4zyB4st4rd View Post
                  A 5th entrance from above the node through the crates between linked node and the middle area would be nice.
                  thanks, that is exactly what will be in beta2 but there are 2 new entrances to the center node area from above the node with a jump pad to get up there from below.

                  The countdown does 40 damage to the core. For some reason I just picked 3 as the magic number of times to hold the countdown to win.


                    Nice, ill have to see if we can get some pug games on beta 2 when you release it to see how it plays as it seems great. Also captured the brink look well.

                    Ill have to play it some more.


                      thanks Cr4zy, beta2 download up..


                        Thanks DiRtY! I'll add this to the beta testing maps on the GOW server if anyones interested in testing it online. What happened to you on Sunday Sanch3z? Let me guess.....Lost finale? Seems like that killed the action that night. Either way see you next week mang


                          hell no, I dont watch Lost I had my nieces birthday partay to attend.

                          Thanks man.


                            Ok, heres some feedback. Excuse the low settings, but you should be able to make out areas
                            Few things first:
                            1 - Lighting. Im not saying it's bad, but i am saying it's not Brink imo. It needs to be brighter and have some more sunlight. Brink does a very nice job from the videos i've seen. So id prefer it to have more sun, as most UT3 maps have hardly any.

                            2 - Im still not sure on the countdown. The 45 seconds for 40damage seems too much for such a short period. The map is smaller so it could work in theory but im not sure about in practice. Maybe 60 seconds and 40. Or 45 seconds and 30.

                            I do like it much more now with the new routes to the linked node. Here are a few things i noticed.

                            The doorways along these platforms have player collision, as i want to wall dodge between then i get caught on them.

                            You can get under these stairs and spam the node quite easily, might be both sides didnt test. I didnt mean to get there i accidentally fell in somehow, so blocking it would be nice.

                            I don't think you intended this, but you can get onto the otherside either by jumping around the edge once on the railings or by jumping off from where the speed boots are.

                            There are several spots from outside the core area where you can position and shoot the core. I didnt screenshot all of them, and each side differs from both entrances.

                            All of these pillars on both sides of the prime node area have no player collision and can be walked through, there is weapon collision though.

                            Id like a way up to where the boots are from this position on each side of the countdown, maybe by utilizing the barrels on the edge of the shot for something to walldodge onto?

                            might be my settings, didnt test high. And it's an issue i have had in the past, where due to depthbiasalpha on your water material, i think it was that. Particle effects do not show, as such many shots become invisible if the water is behind them, can be rather annoying, especially for combos.

                            This spot each side of the map is rather annoying little gap to get stuck in.

                            The barrels in the above pic, i know you have many around the map for detail, however a few of them, i didnt screenshot as i was lazy, but they can get in your way if you're moving around.

                            Overall BETA2 is much more fun and flows better due to the prime area revamp.

                            Hope you'll consider some of my thoughts, especially on the countdown, and get those minor bugs/annoyances fixed. It's a nice map at the moment but could be great


                              sweet feedback Cr4zy, thanks.... The GOW guys have given me quite a bit of feedback so far also and many things will be adjusted between the feedback from them and you

                              The main complaints I have gotten so far are:

                              1. Countdown does too much damage. I will probably adjust to your suggestion of 30 damage after 45 seconds.

                              2. Too many obstacles that hinder player movement: I wanted to make gameplay slightly different than the normal UT style, make it a little more like Gears of War. There is no cover system in UT3 but many of the barrels/crates/tires are placed in an attempt to give players places to duck and shoot from behind.